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JewelGram Turns Your Instagram Snaps Into Stylish Bling



We’ve seen Instagram photography on “jewelry” before, but nothing like this. JewelGram is the Kickstarter baby of engineer Gianpiero Riva and jewelry designer Michele Marzotto, and if they get fully funded, we may start seeing high quality Instagram rings and pendents all over the place.

With JewelGram, you’ll be able to select photos that you deem timeless enough to wear, and have them sublimation printed onto silver, 18K gold, or less expensive (but still high quality) plastic materials.

Here are a few examples:




Using 25×25 mm pendants, the prints come out at 600dpi, so no worries about quality. All you have to worry about is the materials and your wallet. Getting a ring or pendant made out of plastic or silver will only run you between $15 and $55, but anything in gold (white, yellow, red or black) will cost you over $1,000, even after significant Kickstarter discounts.


If you really want to show off, Kickstarter supporters will also have the chance to order exclusive diamond studded versions like the one you see above. $60 for a silver diamond pendant and $160 for a silver diamond ring (more diamonds and more metal explains the price difference).

For now, the project still has a ways to go until it’s fully funded (about $26,000 left) but they have 24 days to do it and with products like the gold Kelvin Diamond Ring priced at 2 grand, it won’t take too many pledges to get there. Head over to their Kickstarter to see what the project is all about, and if you end up ordering one, be sure to let us know how it turns out!

JewelGram: turn your Instagram pictures into jewels [Kickstarter via PhotoJoJo ♥s Phoneography]