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PictureDefense Blog Gives Step-by-Step Instructions on Dealing With Photo Theft


Getting your photography removed from an offending website or Facebook page can be a hassle, and if you’ve never done it before, learning the proper process for any given situation can be a downright pain. Fortunately, there are awesome people out there who don’t mind helping out their fellow photogs.

That’s where James Beltz from PhotoTips and his new blog PictureDefense come in. What he’s done is set up a free website where you can go and get step-by-step instructions on how to get your copyrighted photos removed from almost any type of website.

The video at the top is the podcast in which he introduces the new service and shows you how to work it. Basically, you just go to the PictureDefense blog, click on the link that describes the offending site best, and follow the instructions. Voila, proper documentation sent.

For most bigger companies sending a simple digital DMCA to the proper person is usually enough, but if you’re dealing with an individual or you’re not getting a response out of them, PictureDefense will make sure you’ve not missed a step.

(via Reddit)