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Traveling Photographer Shoots the Great American West Using Only His iPhone


Getting noticed for quality landscape and wildlife photography is difficult enough, but try doing it on an iPhone. That’s what photographer Kevin Russ has been doing, traveling the great American West and capturing stunning photos using nothing more than an iPhone 4S and 5.

Some might see it as a gimmick, but his work speaks for itself. Throughout the video a slideshow of the images he’s captured during his travels scrolls by — square crops revealing those shared via Instagram — and we found ourselves surprised at the impressive quality and composition of his shots.

As he explains in the video, he has to be very particular about the situations he photographs, choosing his lighting carefully to match the iPhone’s limited dynamic range. From the looks of it, we’d say he’s spot on more often than not.

Kevin Russ | A Traveling Photographer [Vimeo via Shooting Gallery]