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Dreamlike Self-Portraits of a Girl Floating, Falling, and Flying


21-year-old Kylie Woon hasn’t been doing photography for very long, but in the two short years since she started dabbling in the medium, her surreal images have already become widely popular online. Her project Surreal-ity features beautiful dreamlike self-portraits in which she is seen floating and flying in all kinds of beautiful locations.

Woon tells us,

A little bit about myself. I began taking pictures right after dropping out of art school in 2010. I had no knowledge of photography or Photoshop and had no expectations for my new hobby — it was all for fun.

A few months onward I began dabbling in photo manipulation. I try to create images that I see or feel in my imagination, and I have found that digital art is the perfect genre for me to depict ‘real’ scenes with a slightly dreamy, other-worldy feel.

Using a DSLR and Photoshop I try to combine ‘real life’ with something more magical. I’d really like to connect to the escapist in all of us. I am young, and my pictures are all a work in progress!

Her photographs are all composites of two or more photographs, combined to show her flying.

You can find more of Woon’s work on her Facebook page and on her website.


Image credits: Photographs by Kylie Woon and used with permission