Camera Hidden Inside Bouquet Captures Wedding From Bride’s Perspective

When San Diego-based landscape photographer Ben Horne got married recently, he and his bride came up with an interesting way to document the wedding from their point-of-view without attracting attention or weird stares: a wedding bouquet camera.

Horne writes that it worked out very well:

6 months before our wedding, my wife and I decided to hide a GoPro HD Hero 2 video camera in her wedding bouquet. The wide angle first person viewpoint of her walking down the aisle is something we can look back on many years from now. We let it run for much of the day, and captured a lot of great moments.

The camera was very subtle, and appeared as a small black button-shaped camera lens on the flowers. Horne says that no one noticed it there unless he pointed it out.

Horne also writes that this is — as far as he can tell — the first time anyone has used an HD video camera in a wedding bouquet to document a wedding.

(via Doobybrain)

Image credits: Video and stills by Ben Horne