Jaw-Dropping Little-Planet Photos That Span the Four Seasons

We’ve shared examples of stereographic projection (AKA “little planet”) photography here before, but none quite like these. Sydney-based visual artist Catherine Nelson creates some of the most amazing “planets” we’ve seen by stitching together hundreds of individual photographs. Trained as a painter and having worked on feature films like Moulin Rouge and Harry Potter, she uses her visual effects expertise to combine the images in creative and surreal ways.

Nelson writes,

When I embraced the medium of photography, I felt that taking a picture that represented only what was within the frame of the lens wasn’t expressing my personal and inner experience of the world around me. With the eye and training of a painter and with years of experience behind me in film visual effects, I began to take my photos to another level.

The resulting images are quite large — the prints measure 3 1/3 feet on each side — and Nelson sometimes spends up to a month creating each piece. Although certain elements may look as though they’re computer generated renders, Nelson tells Colossal that each artwork is 100% created using photographs.

Here’s a selection of her work, which spans spring, summer, autumn, and winter:

You can find more of Nelson’s jaw-dropping creations over on her website.

Artwork by Catherine Nelson (via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by Catherine Nelson and used with permission