A Surreal World Seen Through Puddles

Pavement Trees” is a series of photographs by wedding photographer Ingrid Nelson that captures a surreal glimpse of the world through puddles in a parking lot.

Nelson writes,

Last summer I started shooting concrete and parking lots and dividing lines, fading paint and patterns. Alongside my compulsive inclination to take a photo of every tree branch I see, this contrast to the natural world was a break from the norm. With all the rain this winter, my eye was drawn into the glistening cement and of course…puddles. I am fascinated how my two worlds seem to magically intersect and become one dimensional galaxies both in reflection and in print. It’s almost like tree trapping … yet transient as we know that summer is just around the corner and these accidental worlds will exist no more. [#]

We love how the gasoline in the puddles contributes to the look!

Image credits: Photographs by Ingrid Nelson and used with permission