Print Photos onto Fabric Using Sunlight With the Lumi Process

The Lumi Process is a new print process for transferring photographs onto textiles and natural materials. It’s based around Inkodye, a light sensitive solution that uses sunlight to print images onto everything ranging from cotton to wood. Once fixed, the images are permanent and can go through washing machines without fading. Co-founder Jesse Gennet recently launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to bring the project to a new level, and ended up raising over $250,000 — a good deal more than the stated goal of $50,000.

Inkodye currently comes in red, orange, and blue flavors, costs $12-$175 (for 4 fluid ounces to 1 gallon), and can be purchased from the Lumi site.

Lumi — Photography you can touch (via Doobybrain)