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Apple and Google Each Form Alliances in Preparation for Kodak Patent Battle


The deadline to put up initial bids for Kodak’s 1,100 patent sale is Monday, and The Wall Street Journal reports that the two biggest contenders, Apple and Google, are forming “coalitions” with other companies in preparation for the all out patent brawl. The last time this happened, an Apple/Microsoft alliance ended up winning the battle against Google, that time over a patent sale by Nortel Networks.

The ever vigilant “people familiar with the matter” cited by the WSJ claim that Apple is teaming up with Microsoft and Intellectual Ventures Management LLC while Google has chosen Samsung, LG, HTC and “patent risk” firm RPX. Big and important as this sale is, it’ll all be over in just over a week. But unfortunately for Kodak, given that their crown jewel patent has been invalidated several times over, the chances that the final bid will approach their previously hoped-for $2.6-billion are small.

(via Wall Street Journal via Engadget)

Image credit: Kodak Duaflex IV by 427