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A Photographer Shares His Experience Meeting Henri Cartier-Bresson


There are plenty of documentaries out there about famous photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson; in Bresson’s case there’s even an hour-long interview we’ve featured. But while documentaries and interviews are informative and educational, there’s nothing like a first hand account from a photog who actually had the chance to meet the legend. This video takes you back to May 1975, when Romanian photographer Andrei Pandele was fortunate enough to be Henri Cartier-Bresson’s tour guide through Bucharest.

While a documentary on monsieur Cartier-Bresson would talk about his history, and the fact that he was the master of the candid shot, Mr. Pandele actually saw the man in action and talks about it with awe to this day. Being a fellow photographer, Pandele zeroes in on and points out the most interesting, important and fascinating characteristics of the photography legend.

Unfortunately, the video is in Romanian with English subtitles, so there is some reading involved. But if you’re not opposed to the reading, Pandele’s story of how he met one of the greatest photographers of all time is fascinating.

(via Phototuts+)