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Time-Lapse of a Massive Egg-Shaped Studio Being Built

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Here’s a cool video that shrinks down the process of building a massive egg-shaped studio (also known as a “full egg cyclorama“) down to about 3 minutes and 30 seconds. A cyclorama this size is used to photograph anything from multiple cars to full-sized busses or, in this case, an antique fire truck. And in case you wanna know the exact specs, the dimensions of this behemoth, built by The Good Egg Studio in Sydney, come out to 12m in width, 17m in length and 4.8m in height.

But can you guess what the most challenging part of owning a full egg cyclorama this large is? No, it’s not lighting it properly (although the studio did say they tend to stick to tungsten rather than flash), it’s keeping the thing clean. Mopping or repainting the floor after a shoot takes about 2hrs, so the studio have to be extremely careful when they bring in their four (or more) wheeled subjects.

1 Comment