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NASA Photo of the Scar Left Behind by Colorado’s Waldo Canyon Fire


After scorching over 18,000 acres and burning down 346 homes, the Waldo Canyon fire near and around Colorado Springs, CO has left scars that are both literal and metaphorical in nature. And while it would be impossible to capture an image of the metaphorical scarring left by the most destructive fire in Colorado history, NASA’s Terra Satellite was able to get this false color image (which includes both visible and infrared light) showing the very literal scar the fire left in its wake.

Everything that’s bright red is unburned forest, white and gray parts are roads and developed areas, light-brown areas are slightly burned, and dark-brown areas are severely burned. You can see the full-sized image over on NASA’s Goddard Photo and Video Flickr stream.

(via PopPhoto via Gizmodo)

Image credit: Waldo Canyon Fire Burn Scar by NASA Goddard Photo and Video