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Japanese Researchers Reconstruct 3D Spaces from Regular Photos Instantly


There’s nothing new about creating 3D spacial diagrams using 2D photos, but what a group of Japanese researchers is currently working on may speed up and streamline the process so much so that anybody can use it. Their system uses no special camera equipment, all you need is a point-and-shoot and a wireless SD card so that you can upload form anywhere.

If you have those two things, the software that the researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology are developing can take the pics you send its way and quickly create a spacial 3D reconstruction based on those photos. This way you could access and see the results, even from a distance, right away.

In the video above, the specific application they mention pertains to aerial photography. Pilots wouldn’t need to land, retrieve their data, run it through a similar program, and then go back up if they missed something. They could simply upload it from the air, almost instantly see their results, and patch things up without skipping a beat.

And while the researcher in the video does admit that that the tech still needs some improvements before it sees widespread application, the technology itself, and the many creative uses photographers and designers could come up with for it, is pretty exciting.

(via Engadget via DigInfo)