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The 100 Project: What Do You Get When You Give Every Age a Camera?


If you keep up with interesting photography projects you might have heard about the Disposable Memory Project — a disposable camera endeavor in which people take a photo and the leave the camera sitting somewhere for someone else to pick up, the person who takes the last photo sends it in. Well, from the minds behind that comes another disposable camera project, this one with a bit of an age-y twist. Instead of sending out cameras and the leaving them lying around (only 30 of the 410 DMP cameras have returned so far) they’re sending a camera to 100 people ages 1 to 100 and they’re calling it The 100 Project.

Want to know what a one-year-old would take pictures of? Now you can. Care to see 16-year-old angst juxtaposed with 91-year-old wisdom? Soon you’ll be able to. And the search for all 100 hasn’t ended yet. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones whose age hasn’t been picked yet you can still apply by heading over to their website. Approved applicants then receive a cameras and begin sharing their view of the world with the rest of us. Now all we have to do is wait for the pictures to come in, and then see what, if anything, a one-year-old and a 100-year-old have in common.

The 100 Project (via Photojojo)

P.S. We’re fully expecting some PetaPixel readers getting their enthusiastic hands on at least a few of these cameras, so get to it!