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Stilla: An Amazing 3D Camera App that Lets You Capture All the Angles


A new iOS app from design studio Maybe It’s the Lightening, simply titled Stilla, works with one simple premise: every photo has a second photo — or third or fourth — that your camera missed. For every picture of your friend on the boat, there’s a beautiful sky and a glorious reflection of that sky in the water that you missed. Stilla seeks to remedy that.

When you take a photo with Stilla you take as many as it… well… takes. The app then puts them together in a really cool, interactive, three dimensional image that hopefully captured everything you wanted to capture about that moment.

It’s difficult to describe the final product in words, so if the videos piqued your interest be sure to head over to their site for an interactive demo, or grab up the $2 app from the iTunes store and give it a shot yourself.

Stilla (via PSFK)