Amazing “Real Time” Clocks Created Using 12-Hour-Long Loops of Video

Artist Maarten Baas has a project called “Real Time” in which he creates one-of-a-kind clocks using a video camera and boatloads of patience and dedication. He creates 12-hour-long loops of people manually setting the time on various clocks… in real time. The video above shows his grandfather clock exhibit in which the hour and minute hands of the clock are painstakingly drawn in every minute of every hour for twelve hours.

Here’s the same idea done, except it features two men sweeping lines of trash that’s arranged in the shape of a clock:

He also has an “analog digital clock” (this one’s also available as an iPhone app):

Finally, his “Counting Hours” exhibit features security camera footage of a man sitting at his desk in a tiny office. He does his “daily routine”, but every minute he stops to adjust the “clock hands” on his desk to reflect the time before returning to his menial tasks:

If you’re a fan of photo or video projects that deal with the passage of time, check out this directory by Jonathan Keller.

Real Time [Maarten Baas]