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Give Your Car a See-through Hood and Ghost Engine with Light Painting


What you see here is a non-manipulated photograph by Wolcott Wilhelm showing a Chevy muscle car with a see-through hood that shows the engine underneath. It was created by splitting the exposure time between having the hood up and having it down.

Regarding the specifics of how he shot it, Wilhelm tells us,

I set my camera to bulb mode, f-stop 13, and ISO 200, and then attached my remote. I made a small deflector for the light I used on the hood and engine to keep the light focused where I wanted it. Just a piece of cardboard taped to the light blocking it from being received by the camera.

Start with the hood open — it’s a lot easier than trying to find the hatch in the dark. Think of the engine and the hood as a square and make a diagonal line from the corner of the closest to the windshield either side is fine, this is important because you want to separate the light thats going on the engine from the light thats going on the hood.

Ok, time to open the shutter. Take your light and light paint half of the engine, then shut the hood and light paint the opposite side on the hood and you get the ghost engine effect in one shot. The red behind the wheels were two red traffic batons that I just placed behind the passenger wheels.

Neat effect, huh?

Image credit: American Muscle by Www.ArtandSteel.coM and used with permission