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Mysterious and Fishy Nikon Q Photos


The above photographs were anonymously emailed to Nikon Rumors recently, and appear to show Nikon presenting some sort of upcoming “Q” camera. The fact that Nikon has begun including the text “F Mount” on their rear lens caps seems to indicate that we might see a new mount introduced soon, possibly for a new EVIL system and in time for Photokina.

Even though many pieces of the puzzle fit, I have my suspicions about the photos. Here’s the left photo shown at 500% and cropped:

See how there’s a rough box of compression artifacts around the letter Q? It also looks like the Q area was pasted into the photo from some other image, cutting off some of the color when you look closely.

Here’s an error level analysis of the image:

I’m not expert in interpreting ELA images, but that “Q” section looks pretty fishy to me…

(via Nikon Rumors)