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How to Display All Your Flickr Sets on One Page

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Flickr recently changed how sets are displayed. Rather than displaying all the sets in an account on a single page, they’ve implemented pagination and are limiting each page to 30 sets. This means you can no longer go to the sets page and do a simple “Find on page” to easily locate a set you’re looking for.

The change was made in an effort to improve page load times across the service. While this might make sense for users with hundreds of sets, many users with a smaller number would prefer seeing their sets on the same page.

Luckily, there’s an easy workaround: simply add ?per_page=1000000 to the URL, assuming you don’t have more than a million sets.

For example, instead of visiting


the URL would be


This obviously isn’t the best example, since we only have a few sets, but hopefully you get the idea.

While this doesn’t permanently change how your sets are displayed, it’s a way for you to bookmark a page with all your sets displayed, or a way to link someone else to a complete page of your sets.

(via Thomas Hawk)

1 Comment