Yahoo! Mail Now Lets You Easily Browse and Share Flickr Photos and Sets


Ever since she started with Yahoo!, CEO Marissa Mayer has been making improvements big and small to every service the massive company has. One of the biggest changes came to Flickr, which received a full-blown overhaul. It makes sense, then, that Yahoo! would want to begin integrating Flickr into its other services, and that’s exactly what today’s update to Yahoo! Mail is bringing.

In an update that makes it seem like Yahoo! hasn’t quite given up to the likes of Gmail just yet, the company has integrated a quick and easy way to not only add Flickr photos to your messages, but sign up for the service as well.


“Making Yahoo! Mail easier to use, and more fun, is our priority,” said Yahoo! Mail Principal Engineer Joe Covalesky in an announcement on the company’s Tumblr blog today. “Today we’re making it super simple to share individual photos or sets right from Flickr.”

All you have to do is tap the drop down arrow next to the attachment paperclip, and a new “Share from Flickr” option appears. All of your photos will populate the drop down automatically (since you’re already signed in), and if you don’t have a Flickr account, you’ll be able to sign up right there without ever leaving Mail.


According to Covalesky, this is just one of many updates currently in the pipeline for Mail. But they’re hoping that this particular update will help grow Flickr in turn: “Since you send email daily, this is more of a reason to fill up your shiny new 1 terabyte of space on Flickr with all of your photos.”