Exploded by Adam Voorhes

Here’s an amazing and unique project by Adam Voorhes, titled Exploded.

Adam tells us,

So, I’m a commercial artist… most of my time is spent on client work. That’s always my first priority. But when I have the chance I like to play. I get really excited about exploring objects. I go through phases where I focus on a technique and do a small series. There was a period a few months back where all I wanted to do was make 3D photos. I tend to have a long list of sketches and idea that I want to try. They don’t always work, but this ‘Exploded’ project seems to have gone over well.

It started a few years ago with an art director friend of mine, Torquil Dewar. He always wanted me to levitate stereo equipment for his magazine and we got pretty good at pulling it off. Once he even convinced a manufacturer to let us disassemble an amp and we did an exploded view of it. This project was just the next step. Simple objects analyzed in a very simple way.

I was doing a test with a stylist and we dismantled a couple of things and started these photos. The amount of work that went in to each one of these images was insane. Objects are hung from wires, floated on glass and stacked on acrylic blocks. I tried to keep the light very simple and objective. I do as much as I can in front of the camera to minimize the post production. I wish I could have captured everything in a single shot but I did have to do some compositing and clean up to get to the final product. When I did the frog photo my producer Robin dissected a few frogs and we hung all of the parts. That image required the most work, and she was diligent in finding the perfect organs!

I guess it was a long road to such simple imagery, but I’m really happy with the final product.

To see more of Adam’s work, you can visit his website.

Image credits: Photographs by Adam Voorhes and used with permission.