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A Paper and Binder Clip Light Tent


If you’d like to take nicer looking photographs of small objects, but don’t want to spend money buying a real light tent, you can always check out do-it-yourself options. There’s all sorts of DIY tutorials on the web, but this paper and binder clip tutorial by Nathan Moroney over at The Mostly Color Channel caught our eye. All you need are some pieces of paper and 4 binder clips.

This light tent can also be scaled up and down. How else to take photos of your new light tent but inside of a larger light tent? Cheap railboard is great for larger versions. […] Given the wide availability of paper and paper clips it’s also quite handy to be able to construct a light tent as needed, especially when traveling, in a co-worker’s cube or on the beach. It takes me about a minute to make one from scratch. The binder clips can be removed for lay-flat storage of the light tent. The resulting images […] are sufficient for many uses, even blogging.

Ready to get started? You can check out the step-by-step tutorial here:

Cheap, Green & Diffuse: A Paper & Binder Clip Light Tent