external How Street-Style Photography Got Real —The Guardian

“I work within the fashion world, and I understand that street style is embedded within it,” he says. “But to me, style is something else – it might be a colour, or it might be an attitude or a dialogue. I have nothing against it [street style], but there’s something about someone posing that removes the naturalness.”

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external Call Me Ed: A Day With Edward Snowden —Wired

It took nearly a year of work and many months of negotiation to win Snowden’s cooperation. Now the first meeting was just minutes away. I’ve led a lot of cover shoots in my 20 years in magazines: presidents, celebrities, people I’ve admired, and people I’ve reviled. Cowboys and stateswomen. Architects and heroes. But I’d never felt pressure like this.

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Paris Officials Ask Tourists to Ditch the ‘Love Locks’ and Take a Selfie Instead


Ever since 2008, lovers from around the world — about half of whom, statistically speaking, have probably broken up by now… — have pledged their eternal love to each other by attaching a lock to the Pont des Arts bridge and throwing the key in the Seine.

It’s sweet. It’s romantic. It’s symbolic. Unfortunately, it’s also starting to put an unacceptable strain on the bridge, and so Parisian officials are launching a campaign that seeks to replace love locks with a fleeting 21st century alternative: the selfie. Read more…

Kim Kardashian is Publishing a Coffee Table Book of Her Selfies… That’s Happening


There must be millions upon millions of ways to spend $20, but if April of next year rolls around and for some reason you want to pick the absolute most ridiculous one of the bunch, Kim Kardashian has just rolled into the bottom spot with the announcement that she will be publishing a coffee table book of her selfies that month. Read more…

external Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ Cover Photo Was Shot 45 Years Ago This Week —DPReview

On that day in 1969, a policeman held up traffic for all of ten minutes to allow the photographer, Ian Macmillan to get his shot (based on rough sketches made by Paul McCartney). 45 years on, and hundreds of fans gathered at the very same zebra crossing to mark the anniversary of one of rock’s most famous photographs.

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Peter Frampton Flings Fan’s Phone Into the Rafters Because He Wouldn’t Stop Taking Pictures


We’ve heard of musicians prohibiting photography and video at their shows, we’ve even seen video of musicians publicly shaming fans who refused to experience the show through anything other than a 4-inch screen, but iconic guitarist Peter Frampton took smartphone photography intolerance to an epic new level this past weekend. Read more…

Documentary Takes an Intimate Look at the Last Year of the Polaroid Instant Era

The latter years of the first decade of the 20th century were by no means glorious ones for The Polaroid Corporation. Filing for bankruptcy multiple times, the company ultimately decided to kill off its instant camera business in 2007, with the death of their instant film coming not long after in 2008. And while the demise of Polaroid’s instant film era is a sad one, it went out strong.

Thankfully, first-time filmmaker Grant Hamilton was there to capture the last year of Polaroid’s existence as we will almost always know it. Broken up into three acts, Time Zero: The Last Year of Polaroid Film tells the story of Polaroid’s last year through the eyes of the artists who shot the film, the dying days of instant film production and the idea and start of what was rightly deemed The Impossible Project.

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Jeff Goldblum Joins in On the Best ‘Running Away from a T-Rex’ Wedding Photo Ever

Pamela and Jesse Sargent Wedding

That’s it, nobody can use this idea anymore because the ultimate ‘running away from a T-Rex’ wedding photo has officially been taken. At a wedding this past weekend, photographer Adam Biesenthal put the popular photo idea to bed when none other than Jurassic Park actor Jeff Goldblum joined in on his version, seen above. Read more…

external Scrabble Dictionary Adds 5,000 New Words Including ‘Selfie’ And ‘Hashtag’ —CNN

The fifth edition of the official Scrabble dictionary, which hadn’t been updated since 2005, adds new words including “selfie” and “hashtag”.

The additions “go a long way toward bringing us closer to the language as it is currently spoken,” said John Chew, co-president of the North American Scrabble Players Association.

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external What’s A Group Selfie? Usie (Pronounced Uss-ee) —AP

usieUsies are being lauded for holding more social value than a selfie by focusing more on the relationships rather than you and your makeup.

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