external Then and Now: Normandy Beaches in 1944 and 2014 —International Business Times

Today, as many around the world prepare to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the landings, pictures of tourists soaking up the sun on Normandy’s beaches stand in stark contrast to images taken around the time of the invasion.

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Hand Plastic Surgery On the Rise as Newly Engaged Ladies Seek Better Ring Photos


Boy, do we have some “no freaking way” news for you today. According to Elle Magazine and Hartford, CO news station WFSB, plastic surgeons are seeing an increase in requests for “hand lifts.” A trend that many reports claim is directly related to the desire for better looking hands in engagement ring photos. Cue face palm. Read more…

external Stuart Franklin: How I Photographed Tiananmen Square —The Guardian

The Magnum photographer tells his story of the 1989 protests, from peaceful demonstration to bloody crackdown, the iconic ‘tank man’ – and how hamburgers gave him his big break.

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external Psychologist Starts Site For Photoshopping Online Dating Pictures —Business Insider

Dr. Steven Nakisher told The New York Daily News people should “select at least one flattering full-body shot and one good close-up from the bunch and get a professional to clean up those images” because it will help their personal brand.

But of course, the catch: he’s touting his own business, a photo-editing site called PicTricks of which he is the CEO. For $5 per photo, professional Photoshoppers will make you look like an A-Lister, perfect for your Tinder or OkCupid profile.

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external Steve Schapiro: Once Upon a Time in America —L'Oeil


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22-Year-Old’s Kim & Kanye Wedding Photo Shatters Instagram’s Most-Liked Record


Chances are good many of our readers couldn’t care less about a wedding photo from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding, or even what the most popular photo on the photo sharing service Instagram is. But the story behind the photo that claims both of those titles is actually pretty interesting. Read more…

MIOPS: Smartphone Controllable High Speed Camera Trigger

MIOPS is a new smartphone-controlled camera trigger that combines all of the features photographers want in a high-speed camera trigger into one convenient device.

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external Photojournalism, A Story Worth Telling —CNET

Dan Chung, a photographer and cameraman working for mastheads such as The Guardian, was quoted in 2012 as saying there was no future in photojournalism.

“That was probably the biggest misquote of my career!” Chung explains as we meet in Sydney. He is in town for a few days to deliver a talk on storytelling and photojournalism.

“What I actually said was photojournalism as a profession is pretty much dead. And I still believe that. If you think that you can leave college, go into a career as a photojournalist and live till you’re 65 and retire — that’s just never going to happen.”

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external Want To Sell More Photos? Tell ‘Em A Story —Photo Focus

In order to differentiate from the crowds, we photographers must become visual storytellers. We must make the photo an experience. If you are trying to make a living selling photos, then your job is to take something that is free (a selfie) and turn it into something worth paying for. (The same thing is true if you are simply competing for eyeballs on ViewBug, Flickr or 500px).

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Utah School Photoshopped Girls’ Yearbook Photos to Make them Look More Modest

Utah’s Wasatch High School is drawing international media attention after it was discovered that the school had Photoshopped some of its students’ yearbook pictures to show less skin, presumably in the name of modesty. Read more…

TED Talk: ‘Vagabond Photojournalist’ Kitra Cahana on the Homeless and Hidden

What is ‘freedom’? This seems to be one of the main questions at the center of photojournalist Kitra Cahana’s recent TED Talk in which she tells the stories of the nomadic, homeless youth she spent many months documenting. Read more…