external Long Fall: The Most Famous 9/11 Photo Is Still Suspended —Motherboard

Sept. 11 was the most photographed event in history, even if it happened just before the widespread proliferation of cell phone cameras. We were still years away from the true social media revolution, which enables sharing personal information and crowdsourcing efforts to unprecedented degrees. Hell, a lot of people were still tapping AOL through dial-up modems when the arc of history forever changed.

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This Photographer Specializes in Professional Tinder Headshots to Help You Find ‘The One’

Meet Max Schwartz, a Brooklyn-based lifestyle photographer who has set up a side project that specializes in spicing up your Tinder profile. It’s called Tinder Headshots and its goal is “to help you get the most out of Tinder by taking photos of you that show your true self, or a slightly better looking version.”

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external Photographers Facing Danger and Death —NYTimes Lens Blog

“It’s sad because Camille Lepage died for pictures that almost nobody was interested in,” he said. “Nobody in the photography business cared for Camille Lepage before she died. Nobody gave her a guarantee. Nobody gave her insurance. Nobody gave her a helmet or a bulletproof vest. Suddenly she dies, and everyone says she was a talented young photographer.”

“I would love for people to care about young talented photographers before they are killed.”

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Humor: An Illustrated Guide on How (Not) to Make a Photo Book


Looking to put some of your best images in front of the world by publishing your own photo book? Photographer Blake Andrews has put together a lighthearted illustrated guide on how to (or how not to) go about doing so.
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Capturing Every Moment of Our Lives is Changing the Way We Experience Reality

Television personality Jason Silva recently put together a poignant video with Shots of Awe that examines The Instagram Generation, and how this photo-driven generation sees their future as a series of ‘anticipated memories’. Read more…

Photographing a Diva: Pop Star Allegedly Demands No Natural Light and Only Left Side Photos, Then Storms Off


Try to remember the most difficult model/subject you’ve ever had… what were their demands? Did they not like any of the photos? Complained incessantly? Took directions poorly? Whatever they did, it probably wouldn’t have been as frustrating as what pop star Ariana Grande allegedly pulled recently in Australia. Read more…

Wedding Photographer Manages to Convince Snoop Dogg to Crash One of His Gigs

Chris Seibel, one of the photographers at Chicago-based Allusion Photography, was going about his day-to-day photographing a “beautiful” Hindu wedding when he got the photo surprise of a lifetime. Read more…

Pitt & Jolie License Wedding Photos Exclusively with Getty, Give All $2M in Proceeds to Charity


For celebrities, selling off the rights to publish wedding photos can be quite the money-maker. And if your last names are Pitt and Jolie, that is doubly true.

However, rather than raking in the dough for themselves, the couple decided to team up exclusively with Getty and use the photos of their recent nuptials to raise money for the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation. Read more…

‘The Little Rascals’ Movie Poster Reshot for the Comedy’s 20th Anniversary Reunion


The cast members of the 1994 film The Little Rascals, which was a reboot of short films and a TV series from the 20s and 30s, have reunited 20 years later to reshoot the film’s poster and a number of scenes from the classic movie. Read more…

The Photographer’s Creed


The Rifleman’s Creed (also known as “My Rifle”) is a famous creed from World War II that all Marines learn during recruit training. The text emphasizes the rifleman’s symbiotic relationship with his personal rifle, and talks about how he needs to become one with it and treat it as an extension of himself.
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