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Instasparkle Lets You Wear Instagram Photos in Wooden Jewelry Frames

Want to wear your Instagram photographs as jewelry? Instasparkle is a maker of wearable picture frames. They make necklaces, brooches, and rings that hold tiny prints, allowing you to show them off in the real world. The rings, seen above, hold .75x.75-inch prints.
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Turn a Sunstar Soft-Picks Case into a DIY SD Card Holder

Wanting a cheap and compact way to carry, protect, and manage his SD cards, Instructables member FrankenPaper discovered that the plastic cases that come with Sunstar GUM Soft-Picks are the perfect size for holding 2 cards. To keep the cards from jostling around and to track whether they’re full or empty, he created an insert that you can print, cut, and fold yourself (download the PDF here).

SD card case [Instructables]

Introducing PetaPixel Camera Stickers!

Today, we’re excited to introduce our new Camera Stickers: cute little stickers based on the awesome pixel illustrations of designer Billy Brown. The stickers are printed on durable and tear-proof PVC plastic. 91 stickers per sheet, and 3 sheets — 273 stickers total — cost just $5 with free shipping within the US! You can buy them over in our store.
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Introducing the Polaroid Picture Frame and Mirror

There hasn’t been much activity in the PetaPixel Store since we launched the Leica Look-Alike skins in September 2010, but today that changes — we’re pleased to announce the new Polaroid Picture Frame and Mirror! It’s an awesome picture frame for your desk that looks just like Polaroid 600 instant film, and when there isn’t a photo inside it doubles as a mirror.
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Nikon Finally Launches Online Store for Photogs in the United States

Nikon quietly launched its new Nikon USA online store today, allowing Nikonians to buy gear directly from their beloved company rather than through a third-party. Unfortunately, the awesomeness of buying straight from the camera maker is dwarfed by the not-so-awesome prices — most cameras and lenses appear to be listed at MSRP. Thus, if you’re cost-conscious (why wouldn’t you be?) you’d be better off sticking with the larger online retailers.

(via Nikon Rumors)

Photographers Rights Cards Now Available to Canada and the UK

Good news — We’re now shipping our Photographers Rights Gray Cards to Canada and the UK. Most of the guidelines listed on the cards should apply to your country, though you should research and look up the differences if you decide to order our cards. The price is the same as for US residents, and we’re offering free shipping to Canada and the UK as well!

Grab yours over in the PetaPixel store!

Introducing the Photographers Rights Gray Card Set

We here at PetaPixel are pleased to announce the new Photographers Rights Gray Card Set, a nifty accessory that can help you remember your rights and educate others if you’re ever confronted while shooting.
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Impossible Project Sets Up Shop in NYC

In March, The Impossible Project announced that it had successfully brought Polaroid film back from the dead, releasing the new PX100 and PX600 instant films. Next up: a physical store in New York City.

The Impossible Project has just announced a new retail and exhibition space in New York City called “The Impossible Project Space”, located on the 5th floor at 425 Broadway. In addition to selling film and gear, the space will display works from “The Impossible Collection”, which is modeled after the world-famous Polaroid Collection and features work created on Impossible Project film.

There’s going be a grand opening party from 3pm-8pm on April 30th, so if you’re a Polaroid lover, it might be a fantastic way to connect with other enthusiasts.

(via PDNPulse)

Image credit: Photograph by The Impossible Project