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InVisage Explains Their Long-Awaited QuantumFilm Technology

Update: Apparently they’ve decided to not allow external embedding of this promo video… You can watch it here.

If you’ve been reading us awhile (and I mean a long while) then you might remember that two years ago we reported on the California start-up InVisage and their innovative QuantumFilm technology — essentially a layer of “quantum dots” that could make image sensors up to 4 times more sensitive to light. Well, now they’ve released a short video explaining the technology with as little geek-speak as possible.

Amusingly, back then we speculated that this technology could mean a dramatic improvement in camera phone technology and subsequent decrease in compact camera sales. We now know that nothing quantum was required to make that happen, but if the idea finally comes to full production fruition then it may just lead to another leap of quantum proportions for the camera phone.

QuantumFilm from InVisage (via Image Sensors World)

Camera Sensor Tech Makes Quantum Leap

InVisage, a California-based start up company, has announced a new image sensor technology that it claims is up to four times more sensitive than traditional sensor technologies.

Their product, QuantumFilm, is a layer of semiconductor material added on top of the traditional silicon that uses quantum dots to gather light.

According to InVisage CEO Jess Lee, quantum dots have a 90% efficiency in gathering light, compared to the 50% of traditional silicon.

What this means is that we can expect cell phone cameras to improve at a much faster pace than what we’ve been seeing, since improving the performance of traditional silicon has proved difficult. Lee predicts that in two years, mobile phones will contain cameras that are superior than current digital cameras in both megapixels and light sensitivity.

If this turns out to be true, we will likely see a dramatic decrease in the number of point-and-shoot cameras sold, as more and more consumers rely solely on their camera phones.

(via CNET)

In other news, Wired is reporting that this technology will lead to wedding photography from phone cameras. Really?

Image credit: Photograph by InVisage