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DIY Strobe Reflector Uses an IKEA Lampshade and Leaves Your Modeling Light Smelling of Coffee


If you happen to have an old studio light sitting around, or you’ve found a set on Craigslist you’d like to pick up, we found a clever DIY hack that you should take a look at. Put together by Instructables user gmjhowe, the hack uses an IKEA lampshade and the bottom of a coffee tin to make a basic, but impressive, reflector.

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Phlite Puts Your Gear to Beautiful Use as a Lamp When You’re Not Shooting with It


In case you haven’t noticed, we’re fans of quirky camera-themed products that put gear to creative use. Be it a lamp made out of un-fixable retro cameras or a humidifier disguised as a lens, we just like that sort of thing. Phlite, therefore, is right up our alley.

Called crazy or awesome (and sometimes crazy AND awesome… or crazy awesome) depending on who you ask, Phlite transforms your gear into a camera-themed desk, table or floor lamp in seconds, so you can enjoy your gear even when you’re not out shooting with it. Read more…

DIY Lamp Made Using Vintage Cameras and Slide Film

Camera hoarder Stacie Grissom of Stars for Streetlights received a massive collection of old cameras from her uncle a couple years ago. She soon discovered that she wouldn’t possibly have time to use all of them, so she took a few of the neglected and worn down ones and made a one-of-a-kind lamp for her home. The cameras were turned into the lamp base using a pipe and some cold weld, and the lamp shade was made using color slide film. If you have some broken cameras lying around and want to make your own, Grissom has detailed her entire process over on her blog.

How to Make a Lamp from Vintage Cameras (via Make)

Image credit: Photograph by Stacie Grissom/Stars for Streetlights

Recycled Slide Film Lamp Shade

If you have slides you’re planning on throwing away, why not upcycle them into a unique lamp shade? New York based artist and design Sabina Batelman did just that with hers.

Batelman tells us:

I was into slide photography some time ago and ended up with all these cutting room floor slides that were hard to throw away. Happily, the idea of the lampshade sort of came to me without much thought. Seemed like the most logical thing to do with them. Slides. Light. Need lampshade.

I used a few coats of thin green and brown acrylic paint. Though I’m experimenting now with thicker acrylics to eliminate the need for multiple coats. Keeping the paint off the images was a bit of pain at first, but I eventually got better at it. I bought a bunch of metal rings from the jewelry making department at Michael’s and used a power drill to make the holes. The frame is from a junky $2 lampshade bought from a local thrift store. I cut the shade off and hung the linked slides on. Pretty simple. A bit tedious, but quite therapeutic.

Making another one now. Have a lot of slides. Need more lampshades.