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Seeing Double: Dreamlike Symmetrical Portraits of Identical Twins


For her Twins Project, French photographer Julie de Waroquier spent the summer of 2011 shooting surreal, symmetrical, and square portraits of identical twins.
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Double: A Blue Sky and White Vapor Trail

Upon first glance, the photograph Double by photographer Katsuhiro Saiki might look like some sort of abstract modern painting of a blue canvas divided by a thin white line. Look a little closer, and you’ll find that it’s actually a photograph of the sky divided neatly in half by an airplane vapor trail.
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Shooting with Two 35mm Films in a Medium Format Camera

For those of you who still shoot film and are adventurous, have you tried double film photography? Flickr user Chuck Miller stuck two 35mm Fuji 200 films — one normal, one redscale — into a Holga 120N and shot the films simultaneously to get these unique sprocket hole, layered photographs.
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