8 Issues Street Photographers Run Into and How to Deal with Them

From nerves, to an obsession with a ‘decisive moment’ that may never come, to confrontations with people who don’t want you taking their picture, street photographers run into issues that are uniquely their own.

In the video above, the guys over at DigitalRev TV run through what they consider to be 8 of the most common problems new street photographers are likely to run into, and how to deal with each of them.

  • OtterMatt

    Oh Kai, you’re so amusing that I don’t even care if your advice is wonky. In this case, though, it was actually pretty good.
    I like trying to use aperture-priority mode myself, but my camera always seems to over-compensate, and my images come out brighter (and more strained/noisy because of it) than I would have done manually. Exposure comp doesn’t seem to do anything about it, either. Is there a way to change the point the camera is trying to meter to?

  • sean lancaster

    Depends the camera, I suppose. Every camera I’ve used in the last few years has had to a way to change metering modes from spot to center balanced to whole frame, etc. Maybe check your manual???