Morning Views from the Tent: A POV Landscape Photo Series That’ll Exacerbate Your Wanderlust


Photographer Oleg Grigoryev, like many of us, is a man who enjoys traveling, hiking and camping. Unlike many of us, his latest endeavors have taken him through the Fann Mountains of Tajikistan, where he captured a simple yet beautiful series of wanderlust-inducing images aptly titled Morning Views From the Tent.

As you could probably guess from the title, the photos in the series chronicle Grigoryev’s travels from a first-person point of view as he peers through the un-zipped flap of his tent each morning.


As he moved from location to location, the series shows the beautiful terrain he was crossing in Tajikistan’s mountains, showcasing everything from bright blue lakes to snow-clad mountains. And, of course, no tent-flap landscape would be complete without Grigoryev’s terrain-torn legs and feet helping to frame the shot.

The series is both playful and beautiful, and while it’s not a new idea, it gives us an interesting POV perspective at what it’s like to hike some of the most beautiful terrain mother nature has to offer. Fortunately for us, we don’t have to deal with whatever it is that keeps destroying the poor guy’s feet!








To see more of Grigoryev’s work, head on over to his website by clicking here.

(via My Modern Net)

Image credits: Photographs by Oleg Grigoryev and used with permission

  • Simon Jarvis

    Beautiful photos!

  • Nkk

    These photos are copy of other photographer idea .if i remember right … She lots her equipment at airport and taking picture from her rented car window .

  • YHT needs a life

    Yes. Because thats the same thing?

  • Thekaph

    Well, 99% of photographs are someone else ideas then…

  • Nkk

    no disrespect to that Photographer but it felt like posting the same thing over and over again …


    ohh look it’s mountains, it’s a copy of Ansel Adams…

  • devtank

    Nice boots, who makes them?

  • Richard

    Excellent idea, well carried out.

  • dan110024

    …..annnd there it is. Always one person to mention that it’s been done before.

  • John_Snow

    Then everybody taking landscape photos are copying the person who took the first landscape photo. Show us all your photos, they’re all probably “original” ideas?

  • Dover

    Nice photos, great views, very posed.

    Before I am flamed, to me it looked like too much effort was put into including his feet and other props. Nothing wrong with completely setting up a shot with props and everything, just more used to nature shots being more impromptu. My opinion only, and I repeat: very nice scenery.

  • Sander van der Veen

    To bad I can’t read anything on his webpage! Also, gallery seems to me that it’s not working right.. ;(

  • John Westrock

    As beautiful as the photos are, I have to say there’s really nothing original about them. Whenever I open up Instagram, I’m bombarded with these sorts of shots (and photos of people with their back to the camera standing in the wilderness)