Photographer Creates a Fantasy World for Her One-Handed Daughter to Show Her Anything is Possible


Photographer and mother Holly Spring‘s photography has always been about her daughter. Born with only one hand and suffering from something known as Hirschprung’s disease, little Violet almost died from surgical complications before Holly ever got a chance to take a single picture of her.

Shortly after that, her husband bought her a DSLR, and she has been taking pictures of Violet ever since.

Her photographs and digital creations feature wondrous scenes that show Violet in any number of fantastical scenarios. Whether she’s playing with a giraffe, holding a smaller version of herself or dancing with butterflies, these composite photographs are meant to show Violet that anything is possible:









The wrong limb difference in this photograph is intentional for creative purposes and continuity of light and narrative.

The wrong limb difference in this photograph is intentional for creative purposes and continuity of light and narrative.

“My daughter is my muse and my heart,” Spring recently told Bored Panda. “[She] inspires me to follow my passion and share these unique photos and digital art with you.”

To see more of Spring’s award-winning images or follow her and Violet as they continue to play and take pictures together, “growing and going from strength to strength,” head over to her website or give her a follow on Facebook and Twitter.

(via Huffington Post)

Image credits: Photographs by Holly Spring/Holly Spring Photography and used with permission

  • Adam Cross

    great stuff :)

  • S2N


  • Mauricio Schneider

    Great pictures and post-production! It certainly looks like she’s enjoying herself and she does a great job at modeling :)

  • Jim Ellis

    amazing – and you know – I didn’t honestly notice that the wee lassie has one hand – there is a lot of life and love in these images – bravo

  • Azim Aziz S


  • Grive

    Something I noticed (And loved!) about that:

    It doesn’t look like she’s trying to hide nor showcase her arms, which is just awesome.

    And the pictures are so good you don’t really notice either way.

  • MarkLivesInLA

    Subject matter needs no further comment. Simply gorgeous and touching. But aside from that, truly a deft touch with the composite work!

  • Sam L

    Such a lovely girl. The photos are amazing as well!

  • rfotofolio

    Great work,

  • the_gator

    Very nice!

  • SinSilla

    Although i do love these picture and feel inspired to try some compositions with my own daughter now, i feel that she was in a hurry with some of the post processing if you look at the bigger versions on her website. Just some minor stuff like some untidy cut off hair, missing shading on some parts…it’s basically me being very nitpicky and jealous, but i feel she has the skill to do even better on some of these.

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  • Schahid

    Simply amazing…

  • Amy

    There always has to be one person throwing in their negative comments. That person just had to be you, right? You couldn’t just say you liked the picture and then left it alone? These pictures were meant to show her daughter that anything is possible, not for you to critique it. Ugh, you disgust me.

  • SinSilla

    Oh, I hate seeing the many negative comments here on PetaPixel as well! Cause most of them being negative just to troll the rest of us or playing the cool kid.

    But i said right in my first sentence that i LOVE these pictures. Thats hardly negative.

    But some constructive criticism has to be allowed when you’re a professional phorographer and share your work online. My only intend was to highlight that i feel that some of her work got more time/attention in the post production than others.

    I bet her daughter still got the message (as do i), don’t worry. ;)

  • Courtney Navey

    absolutely stunning…wow!

  • Liz H

    This is beautiful!