Embarrassed to Photograph Ferguson


I’ve spent the past week down in Ferguson, MO covering the protests and police response. What I never expect was to find myself embarrassed to photograph but it happened on Tuesday 8/19/14.


The day started out with residents cleaning up the neighborhood and the unrelated death of another black male in the St. Louis area. Protestors marched peacefully with little trouble with the police.


When the skies turn dark is when troublemakers come out which has led to night-after-night of violence in this small community. Expecting the worst, an increasing amount of amateur, foreign and domestic journalists came into town. At one point there appeared to be as many media members as there were protestors.


At or around Midnight between August 19th and 20th a few protestors threw water bottles at police on this very humid night in Ferguson which drew out a response from officers.


Journalists came out in droves to photograph and record the tensions and issues that arose throughout the night. At one point after arresting a woman, police were surrounded on three sides by the media.


A woman was pepper sprayed and a civilian medic needed to attend to her which brought the media to completely surround her and the medic.


To me this is the point where the media is no longer simply reporting what is happening but rather becoming a hindrance and making the situation worse. Over the past few days journalists have been a part of inciting protestors by getting dangerously close and not always following police orders.


Tonight when ordered to disperse by police, the media and protestors became one group with cameras and raised hands intertwined. Officers requested multiple times that the media back away and return to the police staging ground though very few left and rather continued to photograph the scene.


I am no saint. I photographed alongside everyone tonight and was part of the problem. I refused to follow police orders and only moved when threatened by arrest or with the flow of the crowd.


I am embarrassed by the way the media acted tonight, myself included and have decided that the media is now a problem in Ferguson. I will be leaving Missouri in the morning while hundreds of other journalists will continue to record events and battle with police for the right to be there.

About the author: Abe Van Dyke is a photographer based out of Waukesha, WI who specializes in spot news and concert photography. You can find more of his work on his website, or by following him on Facebook or Instagram. This article originally appeared here.

  • Dov

    you really don’t get it.


    would the police release information that would color an
    investigation in their favor


    the cop did wrong.

    because a cop randomly stoping you in the street and your black
    having done anything or not is going to go so well for you in a town
    in which the local police force is white except for maybe 3 people of
    color one begin hispanic maybe the police chief isn’t sure on that.

    even going there lets look at the facts we know.

    shot a man after approaching him for walking in the street.

    police have already stated repeatedly that Brown “WAS NOT STOPPED
    fFOR WHAT OCCURED IN THE VIDEO”, the officer knew nothing about

    that the cops wouldn’t do to any white person in the town.

    have eyewitness accounts that don’t jibe with the officers account
    which makes no sense since if you saw a cop your reaction would be to
    run away not advance on someone who has a gun.

    the officers story hold any validity Brown would have known that he
    was being stopped for walking in the street and not for what occurred
    on the video.

    and to a quote from Newsweeks interview with Gov Jay Nixon “Appearing
    on NBC’s “Meet the Press” segment Sunday morning, Nixon said
    the decision to release the video was “not helpful” in the
    ongoing investigation of Brown’s death. Brown’s family accused
    police of “character assassination” for releasing the deceased
    teen’s video.”

    were certainly not happy with that being released, especially in the
    way that it was,” Nixon said. “It appeared to cast
    aspersions on a young man that was gunned down in the street. It made
    emotions raw.”

    on Newsweek you may want to read it.

    police didnt realese the video due to an FOI.

    have a dead body with bullet wounds and no GSR which indicates that
    the the dead man was shot from a distance and from all accounts
    including the cops he was unarmed.

    the cop wasn’t in mortal danger or if he fears for his life he was a
    bit of a coward.

    there an escalation that led to to the shooting? Very possibly
    however the wounds and GSR at the present do not indicate the gun was
    fired at close range during or after a fight.

    lets look at the police forces instant reaction to the protests. This
    was an immediate get the riot gas and the armored vehicles and point
    guns at people, you know all the things the military trained its
    people NOT TO DO when doing crowd control. Because you know the best
    way to incite violence or anger is to intimidate people.

  • Dov

    Sure it is however its a video thats irrelevant to the shooting. He wasn’t stopped for robbing a store he was stopped for walking on a street.

    Little point you may want to think about

  • Vega

    You literally made me laugh out loud. Did you think the police released the video to the investigators? Do you know how an investigation works? The police released the video to the public. The public who had already decided the police were guilty and were looting and vandalising Ferguson and hurling molotov cocktails at police. And you think the cop was a coward for fearing for his life when a 290 pound 6’4 man is charging at him? A 290 pound man who had just broken his orbital bone with his bare hands? What is the police officer supposed to do, just let Brown finish the job and kill him with his hands? And not sure why you’re obsessed with GSR. The police story matches the lack of GSR.

  • Dov

    Well lets see you mean everyone including the alderman of the area who were gassed and shot at by the police were outside agitators on the first or second to pro maybe third day. at what point did the entirety of the black fergusun become replaced by professional radicals. please give us the break down on this

  • tryanmax

    Not impressed. Media critics and watchdogs have been trying to draw attention to the problem of media injecting themselves into the story for as long as I’ve been paying attention–roughly 20 years–and undoubtedly longer. But the media holds so many cards (if not all) when it comes to public discourse, it keeps getting pushed aside. Suddenly it’s a meme and the media finally takes notice. But how much will be done about it?

  • Dov

    Funny according to the press the protests really took of AFTER the video was released because it was a BLATANT attempt by the police to DISCREDIT Brown.

    See you keep saying he was charging the cop, really is there video of this are there any eyewitness??? it would be sooo simple if there were but there isn’t but your ready to believe a sketchy story that isn’t even remotely holding up under a preliminary coroners report.

    We have the word of some cops in a racially charged area that has a currently running history of harassment and brutality towards blacks in the area.

    But you wholeheartedly only believe the cops while saying there needs to be an investigation. Why bother you’ve already convicted a black man to a death sentence for stealing a box of cigars that he wasn’t Stopped by the police for.

    And no the corners report says its consistent with the witness reports not the police report.

    Ya know little facts like that.
    Wall street journal has an article on that

  • Vega

    Uh no. The video was released on Friday. There had already been widespread looting and molotov cocktails.

    Why does having additional information bother you so much? Of course the video discredits Brown. It shows that he wasn’t a random innocent teenager, but a thug who is willing and able to attack people and was in an aggressive state of mind immediately before the altercation with the police. If you found out that the police officer involved in the shooting had shot 3 unarmed black teens previously, wouldn’t that be valuable information that might sway your opinion of what happened? It certainly would sway me.

    And yes, we don’t know what happened. Brown may have been standing still, he may never have fumbled for the gun. His arms may have been over his head. I don’t know. All I’ve said is that the police claim is plausible in light of the coroner report and robbery video.

    “You’ve already convicted a black man to death sentence for stealing a box of cigars” What on earth are you talking about? If the police story is true, Brown was killed for trying to murder a police officer.

    “coroners report says its consistent with the witness reports”. You know there are multiple contradictory witness reports right? The initial pro-Brown witnesses have already been discredited since they said he was shot in the back which the Coroner’s report disproves.

  • Stan B.

    No, the issue is- if both groups are under the microscope of public scrutiny for their actions, then “the benefit of the doubt” should be extended to both, or withdrawn from both- equally.

  • Dov

    Well no. Occupying force with guns and the authority to squelch freedom os speech and shoot people. should never ever have the equivalent befit of the doug. The need to be held to a much higher standard than anyone else because they have the power and the guns.

    Now if the average person had the right to imprison and teargas the police for stepping off the curb and walking on the street during this altercation the same as the police then sure you have a point.

  • Dov

    Sorry but no. If its irrelevant its irrelevant. Thats like saying the cop may or may have not been in the right but since the kids character was flawed he deserved what he got ?

    Byb releasing the video the cops have created the insinuation that this matters which is a nice move on their part but its still irrelevant.

    A cop stopped a man on the street and the cop opened fire.

    Thats the story.
    Nothing else

    Was the cop justified did the sea man attack him, not according to the witnesses present and so far the forensic evidence does not conclusively support the officers story.

    What will be interesting is the handling of the evidence by the police and if the facts and evidence get tampered with in a method that creates a shadow of a doubt because really thats all they need to get the cop off if he did anything bad.

    By your break down of the character of Mr brown due to the video your then assuming that the Cop is automatically a white knight and blameless except why is a cop harassing someone in a black neighborhood that has a history of cops doing exactly that in disproportionate numbers.

    But according to your math he’s a cop and pure.

    And bats have sex with elephants NOT!!!

  • Dov

    So from a video you’ve ascertained he’s in an aggressive state of mind would you care to put in the words your not saying like young buck or maybe uppity.

    The only thing you’ve said relevant in this post is the word “IF” but you’ve made that ia waste of space by convicting him on an irrelevant video tape thats isn’t what the cop pulled the gun and shot him.

    Whats funny is you’ve actually proved my point and I quote “immediately before the altercation with the police. If you found out that the police officer involved in the shooting had shot 3 unarmed black teens previously”

    Really only immediately what about a week before how about 10 weeks before, wait maybe he didn’t shoot anybody in the past but has a massively high arrest history of blacks with almost no whites or maybe there have been a string of harassment complaints against him.

    My point here is you’ve sett a very high bar for the officer to have to have hurdled before you consider him suspect but you’ve already spent a few hundred words on the lowest bar possible a black man stealing a box of cigars

  • StronglyNeutral

    Please tell me where, in my above statement, I said anything about the police being blameless? Please tell me that you don’t truly believe a person’s previous actions in their life should have no bearing on who they are as a person. Why do you believe the officer is guilty? Is it because, as you state, the police in that neighborhood have ‘a history’ of behavior? As per your very own logic, that shouldn’t factor into your opinion whatsoever. Do you recognize your own hypocrisy?
    Also, do tell me, where you there? I have at least given credit to the fact that I was not there. I do not know what happened. The police may be guilty, Mr. Brown may have instigated the matter. I cannot say. I don’t know that we’ll ever truly know. We DO know, the young man committed a crime, shortly before this happened. Do NOT misunderstand me. I don’t believe his life should have been ended over this. I only mean to assess the situation from what we, as non-witnesses can ACTUALLY know.

  • Vega

    Are you really saying that it’s racist to say a man who just robbed a convenience store and assaulted a clerk is in an aggressive state of mind? Did you watch the video? He didn’t steal cigars, he assaulted a much smaller older man. Are you such a low life race baiter that you would rather accuse someone of racism than accept the facts before your very eyes? You’re part of the problem. I’m done.

  • Dov

    Hmm I see im a part of the problem because your applying information that was released by the police to color the argument thats irrelevant to the situation that occurred. At no point have you bothered to check to see if your privilege flag isn’t flying dude. What if he was white what if he were asian what if the video wasn’t shown.

    Because the vide was shown your totally believing the police. and lets face it the guys black so yeah he’s a crook and he deserves to be shot. Racism exists it didn’t go away with the signing of the civil rights act and it certainly didn’t go away with Obama wining the election as evidenced by all the GOP racist comments and propaganda about Obama.

    Really your not a little bit racist of course not after all you’ve only continuously stated a Blackman because of a video showing him steal some cigars proves he assaulted a police officer forcing him to be shot by said officer.

    Im not the one writing this you are

  • Dov

    What facts a cop shot a man and there is a question as to if the cop shot him in cold blood or not.

    A video was released to bolster the cops side of the story “See wild man dangerous man black man”.

    Im glad your done but I seriously doubt based on your posts if it would have mattered to you if the video had or hadn’t been published. Im pretty sure based on your arguments that unless he was a white reporter you posts would be in the same vein.

  • Vega

    right…a bunch of clearly racially motivated people like yourself jumped to the conclusion that the police officer killed a man in cold blood. The people of Ferguson started looting and vandalizing and hurling bricks. The media carried the narrative that an unarmed teenage boyscout was gunned down by the police. Like in the Duke lacrosse accuser case, or OJ Simpson case, people made assumptions before the facts were in and then looked like idiots. The police released a video…if it was really irrelevant no one would care. But people do care, because they’re embarrassed to be exposed as idiots. Realsing the video won’t ultimately help or hurt the police officer since the investigation is entirely separate and it will ultimately be tried in a court. I’d guess the hope was that when the people of Ferguson saw that Brown was not unambiguously and obviously innocent, that they might stop looting and threatening to kill police.

  • Dov

    Funny I though you said you were done lol

    Yeah except that seems to be what the cops have been doing before the event even happened. the tensions were already there and are already there. Its nice you’ve brought up cases where people jumped the gun or there wasn’t a story but then you’ve ignored trayvon martin and the many other stories in which there is air was a smoking gun and cops still didn’t go to jail.

    If the investigation is so important and separate then your constant harping that the video isn’t an issue means it isn’t an issue but lets ask a question why are you harping on the video. So far the thread here is that Fergusun’s problem is people rioting and the media. You put nothing on the officers and the department handling this at all.

    If the press and the rioters go away the police won’t have a reason to shoot you or gas you.
    thats the gist of what you’ve said and nothing else.

    Its kinda obvious when people toss bottles you go after them, when you see them breaking windows and looting you arrest them. When you wholesale gas a crowd because someone isn’t staying on the sidewalk and threaten to shoot them as well then thats a whole nother story.

    The part you keep missing is he is innocent, in the case of the shooting he’s innocent of the video and thats the point. We don’t know all the facts yet and who knows maybe the cop is telling the truth but remember a blackman got killed in a racialy charged area by a police force thats acts like san occupying force. And then it tried to discredit ate the dead man.

    Yeah your right why would anybody not take offense at that.

  • Stan B.

    Duly noted!!! But I think your point would be better addressed to the original commenter…

  • Louis

    All media is not all the same. Like all cops n all black men. The media has made news as much as reported news since it began. By spreading news they create more support or opposition to an issue. If media wasn’t there the cops would be killing people claiming selfdefense. Who cares if media outnumber ptotesters. Media always outnumber the celebrities they cover n govt manipulates media. The more the better esp indie media. Go home

  • Vega

    You try so hard to twist the facts to fit your narrative. You bring up Trayvon – good example. He was killed not by a cop, but by a hispanic guy. The hispanic guy was hospitalized by injuries he said were sustained when Trayvon attacked him. I have no idea what happened in that case, and there was no evidence either way. We don’t know if Trayvon attacked or the hispanic guy attacked first. The hispanic guy walked free because of lack of evidence.
    I’ve explained many times why I was harping on the video. Like many paragraphs worth. If you still don’t get it, further explanation won’t help.
    And the police response certainly seems heavy handed, but what did they really do? They threw tear gas at a crowd that refused to disperse and appeared to be turning violent. Those protestors with molotov cocktails could easily have hurt one another. There were children in that crowd. The police didn’t just want to disperse the crowd to protect themselves, but also to protect the protestors. I think rubber bullets are generally a mistake, and aiming guns at people is against police policy and almost always a mistake. But yes, there would likely have been very little of that had the protests not turned violent.

  • Dov

    Wow the cognitive dissonance is large in you. You just defended the police tossing tear gas into crowds to stop the protestors with molotov cot ails ???? So save children by gassing them with a chemical compound that can kill a child if not damage them for life.

    And which crowd which day because it seems the act of tossing molotovs isn’t something that hap end at every crowd but the cops threatened and did disappears most of the crowds just because they might be getting rowdy with the gas.
    You know the stuff the military says do not use for crowd control!

    Seems to me the crowd needs no protecting from itself just from the cops

    Well yes a hispanic guy who had pretensions of being a cop who disobeyed the orders of the 911 people he called who just happens to be a judges son and whom was given preferential treatment which lead to a botched job by the police (including that while letting information out thats irrelevant).
    And the jury was given information on stand your ground that was improper.

    But yeah nothing similar at all.

  • Dov

    your right! sorry the response thread thing in Dsiquis isn’t very intuitive sometimes

  • Dov

    Well no. Occupying force with guns and the authority to squelch freedom os speech and shoot people. should never ever have the equivalent befit of the doug. The need to be held to a much higher standard than anyone else because they have the power and the guns.

    Now if the average person had the right to imprison and teargas the police for stepping off the curb and walking on the street during this altercation the same as the police then sure you have a point.

  • Dov

    And when your left after being as objective as you can be with nothing but the inflamitive material thats there then what ?
    Just the officers raiding the McDonalds the reporters were staging out of blocks from the the altercations, you know the place the police were well aware that the reporters were at. Then staging an arrest using the excuse of resisting arrest because he dropped his bag and was picking it up.

    Yeah way to inflammatory and non objective and what about that Getty photographer who was also arrested because he would stay in the freedom reports crap corral zone.

    Obviously the reporters staged that just for copy of course

  • Denise

    I’m not on either side here because I wasn’t there. You seem very passionate with your opinion. I just have one question. Let’s just pretend that it is eventually proven that the police officer was 100% in the right. I’m not in any way saying he is mind you. Would you then stand up and say you were wrong? This question only requires a yes or no answer.

  • Werchange

    You came across as hypocritical-to say the least. No, the “media” has not crossed a line. The 1st amendment is what makes this country unique in the world. The State crossed the line by aiming weapons at a Free Press, tear gassing journalists [the Al Jeezerah (sp?) crew] and manhandling journalist sitting a fast food joint at their computers. It’s been a very long time since we as a country have seen such blatant abuses of power directed against individuals, journalists or members of the Press. The only thing missing were the dogs, water cannons and Bull Connor.
    You poked your nose in there-then had the temerity to disparage other working journalists and free lancers. That’s despicable. I’ll block your shot if we’re ever on the same street.
    As some one pointed out-Basketball is easier to cover.
    You may have the last word.

  • jb

    All of you are a disgrace along with the phony THUGS & trouble makers !!! You should pray to God you never need the police to help you or any of your family , if it were me I would SPIT on you & the rest of the trash ….

  • James Dosher

    For any person convinced that a police officer who stopped to give a warning to Michael Brown about where he and his friend were walking, reversed when he saw they weren’t complying with a city law (certainly not something that would involve the use of a gun), then got out of his car and shot Michael Brown dead with six bullets tell me why the police officer did so? Six years on the police force without a hint of racism, bigotry, PTSD, or anger management issues and that day he decides to murder someone…He hated Black People? Give me a previous report of him doing so. Within 12 hours of his death, Michael Brown was called a gentle giant and a good boy. No one seems to have had a problem with that probably biased descriptions (being from his family and friends) yet are angered by the police release of the incident at the convenience store which show Brown being a giant, but far from gentle. Biased – yes. That doesn’t make it less true. So, why did that human being, on that given day, decided to take another human life? That is what I want to know.

  • William Bush

    Hey Dov, maybe you need to go look in a mirror, because all I’m seeing you post is Democrat talking points that have been debunked. Michael Brown would have gotten his fair trial had he not presumably attacked the cop and was shot for it.
    For all your claims (You say Fox News isn’t a legitimate source) and yet can’t pull any for yourself.
    We have quite a few witnesses coming out and corroborating the police officer’s story, and not a single one to corroborate the friends story. This has been on CNN. Is that not a “legitimate news source”?

  • Tired of stupid people

    Dov wow dude what drugs you taking? How is it in the daylight protests go on no problems and at night the animals come out? I guess the ones that come out at night are the cowards that dont want to be seen throwing bottles and other things at police causing them to act back. Dude you need to STFU and get real. Stop showing your ignorance and start showing intelligence if you have any!

  • Tired of stupid people

    Again Dov the only one slandering blacks are you and yours. Micheal’s “bro” admitted to the attacking and store stealing acts you on the other hand cant wrap your head around the facts nor can you deal with this not being a White/Black issue but instead it is a crime/police issue. Tell me again how the day brings out peaceful protestors yet the night brings the animals out. I guess your kind are nothing but animals in the night as they say.

  • Tired of stupid people

    Yes lets get down to facts shall we Dov. Pot calling that kettle black aren’t you. Micheal’s parents lie about their son, his friends lie about being witnesses, his bro bud lied about the whole thing. Now the truth comes out his bro lied, witnesses lied, his parents lied. Where is the sweet innocent child that was killed by the big nasty cop? What he got was what he deserved. when I officer says stop you stop. If not nighty night.

  • Tired of stupid people

    the_gator Dov is the troll here. He has no clue and looks for reasons to cause hate and crap. Ignore the moron he goes away after awhile.

  • Tired of stupid people

    Dov here this is for you:
    1) Let my people go
    2) Its hundred years later and we still say you owe us
    3) Welfare good trade off for keeping some black people as slaves
    4) I don’t have to work na na poo poo. White man keep me fed and housed
    5) I am no better then animals because I loot and destroy what others work hard for because I don’t have to work and own anything.
    6) Where is the nearest boat back to Africa because white man is taking away our welfare. Oh wait its not a white man its a black man. Hey we got screwed by our own kind in the White House.

  • Tired of stupid people

    hey Dov here this is for you. Answer this. What proof do you have that this officer acted out of bounds? What proof do you have that Michael was a model citizen? What proof do you have this was motivated by race? There are more proof to show the side is on the officers then on your poor child which he wasnt btw but oh well your too blinded by the race card or lack thereof to see the real facts if they up and bit you on the face.

  • Tired of stupid people

    OMG Dov has no leg to stand on so he throws out more unrelated issues in the hopes others will see he is intelligent when we all know hes a illiterate moron. Dov go join the support Michael group at least there you will find more of your kind..of thinking lol.

  • Tired of stupid people

    Let me debunk that by saying I am not a Republican yet I believe that the officer had every right to act as he did. So your theory that everyone who agrees with the officer is a Republican. DO not insult my intelligence will you fool! Talk about he lord in vain why don’t you. He wasn’t happy with Michael as he broke his commandments over and over. So where is the love for God there?

  • Tired of stupid people

    I agree this troll has gone past his limits I have blocked him and his comments from this point on.

  • Dov

    Sorry dude but no.

    The cop shoot the guy and the evidence and witnesses ay he was running way the dead man was 35 feet away from the cop and really a video of him robbing something does not make it justified to kill him.

    Why didn’t the officer pull out a gazer or better why didn’t he stay in the car and call for backup if he felt in danger. No he discharged his gun in a crowded neighborhood he could have shot people other than Mr Brown luckily he didn’t .

    Lets sum it all up on who’s being racial and thats yourself and anyone here who declares the video proves that the cop was justified because its got nothing to do with the stop.

    The officer according to all witnesses INCLUDING the police say he was stopped for walking in the street, you know something people withe and black do all the time.

    The Cop discharged his weapon on a man 35 feet away from him, why did he even bother to get out of the car,
    Why did he shoot at an unarmed man.

    But your right Brown wasn’t an innocent man so its okay the brave soldier can shoot him.

  • Tony Harrison

    If people who spend as much time thinking about their responsibilities as they do their rights we would be a much better country. The media does have a right to cover stories, but they also have a responsibility to not be part of the story but be unbiased observers. Our 24 hour news cycle and the need for something to draw and keep the audience has contributed to the trend of reporters becoming participants instead of observers.

  • Dov

    Hmm so police shouldn’t be killing people and they shouldn’t be shooting first and asking questions later is a democratic talking point ? Really

    Lets see was 35 feet away from the officer when he was shot and unarmed. I take it the moment according to you there was a tussle we still don’t know over what well we do know the officer ordered him off the road, then the officer has the right to execute someone

    But 35 feet away? so I see resisting arrest = officer is allowed to shoot you at 35 feet.
    Why didn’t the officer call for backup and stay in his car if he felt so threatened the man was unarmed.

    there are corroborations for the Dead mans side of the story not the cop. Except for Fox news a channel who’s owner says isn’t serious news and people should understand they make it up sometimes

  • Dov

    Lets take those point for pint because wo they be nuts

    1) Let my people go

    Nice of you to remember that there was this whole thing with Jim Crow laws and martin Luther king all leading up to the civil rights act which by the way just got eviscerated by the supreme court.

    2) Its hundred years later and we still say you owe us

    Well you do but why go into that, kinda also owe rthe indians but that may be to hard for you to understand.

    3) Welfare good trade off for keeping some black people as slaves

    Wow best Conservative talking point embarrassment ever.
    The political lie and missies of the word slave.
    Welfare makes no one a slave but its a great talking point for something any great nation should have to make sure its citizens don’t have to sleep in the streets.

    4) I don’t have to work na na poo poo. White man keep me fed and housed

    Yeah really??? Well we could ask all those so called rich job creators who are moving all the jobs overseas and also not wanting to even pay a working wage to the people who work for them because you know slave labor is easier and cheaper for the bottom line.
    Its funny how McDonalds employees seem to have to be on food stamps in order to live on their salaries

    5) I am no better then animals because I loot and destroy what others work hard for because I don’t have to work and own anything.

    Really so everyone looted and everyone destroyed, hmm based on the complaints and issues from the area I would say the tensions there are very justified. And while I don’t condone looting or violence they are legitimate elements of revolt and protest.

    6) Where is the nearest boat back to Africa because white man is taking away our welfare. Oh wait its not a white man its a black man. Hey we got screwed by our own kind in the White House.

    Ohhhh!!!! hey yeah lets lay it on Obama yeah the President who’s sadled with a conservative do nothing congress thats not investing in america and seems to be entirely focused on preventing when from getting health care. Yeah that congress you know the ones who pass laws and stuff like that.

  • Dov

    SO then you have no problems with the video of the racist cop from Ferguson being shown to portray the department as you know well racist or how about the cop on leave for threatening to “f**king kill” the protestors on camera.

    And you wonder why people think the cops are suspect LOL

  • Dov

    No really it does not because its not about is the cop 100 percent in the right nor is it about mr Brown being in the right. Its about the police using Deadly force and there being no consequences, its about them being above the law. Its about the fact that the Police department releasing a video to specifically slander and smear the Dead person to create the divide thats occurring now where people are yelling the Dead man deserved it because he wasn’t innocent.
    Innocent of what ? stealing a cigar or 2 and then being shot because her ran away.

    Where is this cops taser or for that matter why didn’t he stay in the car and call for backup if he so feared for his life.

  • Dov

    Thats what we all want to know but we have to ask another question which is why do you or anybody else bring up thats he’s not innocent. Its irrelevant to his being dead its a moral conclusion that has nothing to do with his being shot or why the officer shot him and thats where the focus needs to be.

    Maybe this cop is the one good cop or maybe his training sucks i know the training cops get now is shoot to kill shoot before you have to asses the situation and thats a fear and a bomb lurking in every confrontation with the cops.

    Its worse when someone is black

    I Do a lot of street photography with colleagues who are black and I’m not blind in NYC to how Im treated as a white Jew (They don’t know I’m a jew they just see white) VS how they treat them as a perp walking. I joke with a friend when were out shooting that an officer who approached us treated me as “lucky guy with cute model” and him with “Black with Blonde mugging victim”

  • William Bush

    Except according to most witnesses’ testimonies, Brown had bashed him in the face already, and was charging him when he shot. Even the friend has come out and said he lied. That friend has also been charged for filing a false police report.
    My information doesn’t come from Fox News. Even CNN has reported on this.