Guy Proposes to Five Princesses at Disney World for a Set of Fun, Memorable Photos


Sick of the standard Disney World pics? Blaine Gibson of Austin-based production studio Rooster Teeth sure was… so he did something about it. During his recent trip to the park, he surprised no less than 5 of the Disney Princesses (and one surprise) there by dropping down on one knee and proffering a fake engagement ring from WalMart while one of his friends capture their reaction.

All of the princesses played along splendidly — although Aladdin wasn’t thrilled — resulting in a hilarious set of photos that break the standard travel pic mold and probably made for an interesting, if not unique, experience for the actresses.

Here’s the set of now-viral pictures, ending with that surprise we mentioned above:








In the end, it was Tinkerbell that got to keep the ring because she was the last of the princesses he proposed to. But even though he says it was Tink, Ariel and Rapunzel that stole his heart, I think we all know it’s Gaston who really takes the cake here.

(via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Blaine Gibson and used with permission

  • YHT

    so this has to do with photography because… they are a “series” ?so I guess cell phone shots made for a fun share with facebook friends can be news worthy for a photography based website.

  • @JacksonCheese

    You may noticed that most of Petapixels posts are about gear, which isn’t really about “photography” either.

  • jaakewilson

    cool tank top brah

  • YHT

    it has more to do it with it than this crap. It’s not even shot with a point and shoot. I’d rather read about tools of my trade than see some tool fake proposing to disney cast members..

  • joshsouzaphotos

    This would of been more entertaining if this was video.

  • Justin Manteuffel

    Yeah, he should’ve at least worn a tux or something.

  • Clayton Finley

    i think this bro lifts

  • Clayton Finley

    Side note: I know two people who worked at disney world ( one as cinderella, one as peter pan ) two of the nicest people ever, and this type of thing is not unusual at all according to them.

    ( and according to the RT podcast, the guy ( i wanna say name is Blane ) got Gaston to break character for a second, which is really hard to do with these professional actors )

  • YHT needs a life

    Looks about as good as you profile picture lol. Quit hating. Its still photography something fun to break it up.

  • Fullstop

    Couldn’t he have worn something a little more…appropriate?

  • Gatot Jaka Timur

    funny pictures. nice

  • Black Light Shoots

    Experts and professionals see. Experts. Lolz

  • Dhanus Samsen

    taking MEMORABLE pics is one aspect of photography is it not?

  • OtterMatt

    If you know anything about Blaine, well, this is pretty much his daily uniform. He’s got a bit of a “brah” streak. He does absolutely lift, though, which kinda makes it better.