Photographer Makes Hip Hop Star Literally Hip Hop Around to Create Impressive Hyperlapse Music Video

Time-lapse and hyper-lapse photographer Patrick Cheung finished up his latest project a month ago after deciding to challenge himself to produce something even better than his earlier video, Motorized City.

It’s a music video that features artist Brandon Ho and song from his Hong Kong hip hop group 24 Herbs, and in it, Cheung combines standard time-lapse techniques with rather interesting hyper-lapse techniques to create an always-morphing video that follows Ho through various locations in Hong Kong.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 1.09.00 PM

Cheung says the video was a year in the making and consists of approximately 6,000 photos from 10 locations. As for the work that went into making sure Ho was properly placed and displayed in the video, Cheung said that each different shot in the video required bare minimum two hours of standing and jumping.

Not only was there plenty of standing involved, but in a particular shot, you’ll notice Ho’s shirt change throughout, which was done by having him change clothes roughly every 25 frames.

The video without a doubt took a great deal of planning and preparation, not to mention follow-through with post-production. At just shy of four minutes, it’s a quick and entertaining watch, regardless of whether or not hip-hop is your ‘thing.’

(via DIY Photography)

  • ms

    worst song ever

  • Rob Elliott

    So you saw the digital rev video and just looked up the guy and posted his video. .. ya.. good work.

  • Paolo Bubu

    This is so bad that I had to mute the audio

  • Labus

    :)) worth mentions though,nice to see the work done,although it wouldn’t mind some more work


    pretty terrible

  • kassim

    Wonder what happen if they use Microsoft new hyper-lapse algorithm.

  • AFloyd

    The video and effort that went into it is amazing, but the song can’t stand up on its own.

  • dannybuoy

    Much better with the sound off

  • Federico Feroldi

    Am I wrong or the photographer is actually the one in the last video from DigitalRevTV? The one were they explain how to do hyperlapse…

  • Bmwendo

    I hope this is just the karaoke version

  • Anonymoused

    “Love Never Dies”? Like the Andrew Lloyd Webber (plop) musical…?