This Algorithm Changes the Time of Day, Season and Weather in Your Photos


Researchers at Brown University have created an intriguing little algorithm that allows you to alter the weather, time of day and even season in your outdoor photographs.

The program that contains that algorithm consists of a database of over 40 variable attributes, all of which are assigned to a set list of phrases. For example, if you want a sunny day photo to have a little more dreary weather, all you need to do is type in “more rain” and voila – your photo will now have some storm clouds in the distance.

Still in development, the difference between this program and other editing tweaks, such as Instagram filters, is that rather than slapping a new layer style overtop, this changes the variables within the photos, such as saturation, color temperature, exposure, etc.

In the above video, the algorithm seems to do a pretty darn good job, but with only a couple control image, it’s a bit difficult to determine its effectiveness throughout different scenes. Who knows, maybe the next Instagram update will feature weather-changing abilities.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Alex Krylov

    Lower the white balance, increase the contrast, lower the exposure, fine-tune «lighted» areas with adjustment brush — voila, the night is falling.

  • JJ

    Brown has invented crappy Photoshop

  • Paul-Simon

    It’s not photoshop, and it’s not trying to be photoshop.
    Did you not read the article or are you deliberately being stupid?

  • JJ

    Lol, no sh*t. yes. I read the article. However, I was pointing out that the resulting images look like someone tried to over-process an image. It looks fake and stupid. Stupid.

  • Jim Johnson

    I have to agree with you, it looks like a badly processed photo designed to “look like” something it isn’t. No matter whether an algorithm does it or a person, it always looks terrible.

  • MaxBangayvef

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