This Horrifying Fake Camera Cleaning Tutorial Will Probably Give You Nightmares

The video above is not for the faint of heart. Heck, even the not-so-faint of heart will probably have trouble with it. A FAKE (not sure how much more we could emphasize this) tutorial, it shows you ‘how to clean your 5D Mark II and lens’ … and by clean we mean destroy.

He starts by submerging the camera and lens completely in water, and then, in case your eyes haven’t popped completely out of your head and you haven’t gone hoarse yelling at the computer screen just yet, he pours some dish soap in there and proceeds to vigorously scrub the inside of the camera with his finger.

Finally, he then takes a spray hose, sticks the nozzle right up next to the sensor, and sprays it full blast.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 1.29.25 PM

It’s like watching a photographic car wreck. You know it’s happening, you know it’s terrible, and you’re horrified… but you just can’t look away.

And while it goes without saying, we’re going to say this here in case anybody who actually thought the iOS 7 update made your iPhone waterproof is reading this: THIS IS A FAKE TUTORIAL. From start to finish, doing anything resembling this to your camera will very likely destroy it.

Now go give your DSLR a hug.

(via No Film School via DIY Photography)

  • Eduar Eisenheim

    He didn’t rinse the camera and lens properly :) Soap residues will damage the camera :D

  • Thanasis Maikousis

    Greeks do it better!! LOL

  • TSY87

    Maybe if we call shooting things “art” then then people that don’t appreciate the joy in using firearms will shut up… lol

  • TSY87

    how do you know they didnt recycle the camera after the video?

  • Naveen Kumar Thota

    interesting version of 5D Mk II with a hot hot shoe

  • Les Mcc

    huge huge mistake…using soap is NOT smart. it can damage the sensor and other delicate parts even after a thorough rinsing. not good.

  • Les Mcc

    thats in the second video

  • Les Mcc

    at least it wasn’t a Sony!

  • Les Mcc

    do NOT…I repeat, DO NOT use soap to clean a camera. it will harm the delicate electronics because it cannot be rinsed out properly. plain water is best.

  • Shawn Manson

    Silly, Canon does not recommend use of generic soap.. that milky crap will leave a film no matter how well you rinse!

  • Shawn Manson

    People need a sensor humor.. Muahah.. if people are actually stupid enough, let a little darwinism take action.. at least they only lose their camera’s because people who do this and are THAT stupid should been culled from the human herd already.

  • Joe

    I expected DigitalRev to do something like this first. I think they froze a camera in ice a while back.

  • ichorousmedia .

    if anyone is stupid enough to do this after watching, they don’t deserve to own a dslr, or maybe a camera for that matter…

  • Vin Weathermon

    No please…everyone soak your camera bodies in water just like the video says. I could use the business.

  • AshtonNekolah


  • bkwcomments

    And you KNOW some unwitting camera owner who sees their DSL as just an overgrown point-and-shoot and has no clue about the workings of electronic equipment is going to do this. I like a good joke but not at somebody else’s expense like this. I actually feel sympathy for somebody who falls for it. Just because they don’t know any better isn’t a valid reason to encourage them to do the wrong thing. Especially if it’s going to damage hundreds of dollars worth of equipment. How sad.

  • bkwcomments

    I’m picturing people with their hands plastered to the sides of their heads screaming for you to stop, because it hurts for them to think so much. Apathy runs rampant.

  • David Sainte-Cluque

    You can also do it under your shower to save some water. think green !!!

    Damn you have to be so stupid to beleive this crap !

  • Eric Anderson

    Come on now, everyone knows that you have to put it in a microwave for at least 15 minutes to dry properly. ; )-

  • Stacy

    So…when cleaning my own Canon 5D using this method, should I take out the batteries first?

  • Zmirlap

    This is just hilarious! :D

  • Korios

    Maybe next time he will sand blast it, to be sure it’s thoroughly clean.

  • Korios

    Anyone having a DSLR and doing that deserves to have it destroyed. Seriously.

  • John

    And what do you mean with “I care” ? What do you know about this video? What if the guy already dropped his camera in the water, by accident, and it’s beyond repair, and the guy decided to do a comic video clip? You have no idea what happened after, maybe he disassembled it and saved all parts that can be reused and sold on ebay‚Ķ Get a life!

  • Roman Krafft

    Or: How a Nikon user cleans a Canon

  • ioannis pavlis

    You are just an idiot

  • Thomas Kryton

    That and if there is sufficient metal we could get a nice light show out of the deal too.

  • Kathee

    “Of course you have a sense of humor. Everyone thinks they do, even people who don’t.”

    – Barney Coopersmith/Rick Moranis “My Blue Heaven”