If a Deer Starts Licking Your Camera Lens, You’re Probably a Little Too Close

Here’s a protip from Wildlife Photography 101: if a deer walks up to you and starts licking the front of your camera lens, you’re probably a little too close at that point.

That’s what YouTube user A Bad Idol experienced a couple of days ago. While standing on his porch with his Contour ROAM2 camera pointed at a nearby deer, the curious creature suddenly decided to stroll over and give his glass a lick.

A still frame from the video.

A still frame from the video.

In the description, A Bad Idol is careful to note that he wasn’t feeding the deer:

I was not and would never feed wildlife. It teaches them terrible behaviors that can be dangerous. It seems that neighbors have been feeding him for a while which led to his odd behavior. I was very lucky to be able to catch this moment because he thought the camera in my hand was a carrot or something similar.

Luckily for him, it was a deer that would rather lick his lens than headbutt it (as they have a tendency to do at times).

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    I love that still (^_^). Actually in Japan, it’s really easy to get this close in some of the parks, as they are begging for Deer Crackers [Shika Senbei]

  • Lando

    I unconsciously held my breath for the last half of that video, expecting to see hooves meet groin.

  • Jason Yuen

    From the size of the antlers, you can tell it’s a young one. They’re usually more curious.

  • Scott

    He’s just curious and relaxed. Of course you still want to be cautious not to spook them when the are that close but he’s not upset.

    You’ll know when they are upset cause they will stop their hooves and snort at you.

    This girl walked right up to me while I was using a 300mm on a crop body (not nearly as close as the video above of course) she was just curious as well. This was my original Facebook caption. :D

    “Back up you silly deer your head doesn’t even fit in the picture anymore. What modeling school did you attend again?”

  • Scott

    The photo didn’t attach for some reason.

  • OtterMatt

    It almost looks mocking. Somehow, I think this will end up getting meme’d before long.

    “F**k you, it’s illegal to hunt me here, human!”

  • markz

    I’ve had Sika deer in Nara and Itsukushima try to do this (or maybe it was to take a nibble of the lens hood) just squat down close to one …

    but it’s all a setup to distract you, while you’re going “awww cute deer wants to lick my lens” its mate is snuffling through your trouser pockets for food (you are squatting down remember and your pocket openings are sort of open)

    also wild Rainbow lorikeets in Eastern Australia – point a camera at one and it’s more likely to land on the lens than to fly away

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  • Guest

    Is it also too close when a bear licks the lens?

  • David Wright

    Wondering whether Is it also too close when a bear licks the lens?