Fuji Releases Bokehlicious Updated Lens Roadmap for 2015


Late last night, Fuji released an updated version of its lens roadmap, switching some things around, adding a lens to the lineup, naming the ‘ultra-wide angle lens’ from the previous roadmap, and otherwise letting X-Mount shooters know what they’re in for glass-wise through the end of 2015.

And what they’re in for, by the looks of it, is lots and lots of bokeh.

It’s no secret wide aperture lenses exacerbate photo enthusiasts’ G.A.S., and so it’s not surprising that the new addition to the roadmap is an XF 90mm f/2.0 R, while the ‘ultra-wide angle lens’ from the former roadmap has been confirmed to be an XF 16mm f/1.4 R.

Other updates revolve around release dates. The weather-resistant XF 50-140mm f/2.8 LM OIS WR will be the next lens released (giving XT-1 users another WR lens for their lineup), and is set to ship before the end of the year; and the release dates for the XF 16-55mm f/2.8 WR and the Super Tele-Photo Zoom lens have been pushed back to Spring and Winter of 2015, respectively.

But don’t take our word for it, check out the roadmap below to see for yourself:


Now that we know what Fuji has in store for us on the lens end of the gear spectrum, we’ll be waiting anxiously for the release of rumored X-Mount cameras like the X100S followup and the X-Pro2. Stay tuned, we’re in for a busy couple of months.

  • trusharp

    Fantastic company really listening to its customer base and releasing some amazing primes, Im really glad I invested into the x100 when it first came out as it really liberated the way I shot and influenced my style today. Well done Fuji!

  • Viktor Arakchiev

    Awesomest company ever! :D

  • JordanCS13

    Argh…how can a photography blog if this caliber misuse bokeh. You can’t have ‘lots and lots of bokeh.’ Bokeh is the QUALITY of the blur. It doesn’t mean there’s lots of blur.

    As to the roadmap, it looks great. Fuji already has the best APS-C lineup, and these new lenses just expand that. The 90/2 will almost certainly make it into my bag.

  • MickO

    Also, the x100s is not an “X-Mount” camera. But I’m just being critical. To distract me from the anguish of not having one.

  • MickO

    I hear what you’re saying but I think PetaPixel can be defended here. You can have lots and lots of bokeh if you’re talking about evaluating a group of photos. I can look at a collection of photos and say “There’s a lot of black and white there.” It doesn’t mean I am measuring the amount of black and white in any particular photo, I’m commenting on how commonly the aesthetic quality shows up. Thus, I think its fair to say that when looking at the output from these new lenses, there will be “lots and lots of bokeh.”

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  • Strappster

    Tum tee tum, oh look, new Fuji lens roadmap, let’s take a peek but honestly I can’t see anything that’ll make me want to … hmm … 16mm f/1.4 …


  • GoCat

    Malaprop for comic effect? Like “full of awesome.”

  • GoCat

    Fuji or Oly? I have time to decide because money … but … this is hard.

  • michaeljashley

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  • TheGloriousEnd

    Fuji. Of course, I’m completely biased, but the old school control layout really is the bomb. I love being able to see a shot and have the settings dialed in when I bring it to my eye. Image quality is a bit better as well (not enough to make a big difference in print, but whatever)

  • D.G. Brown

    I recently had a similar choice. My Canon gear that I use for hired work was too bulky for my traveling and Canon’s compact options suck (putting it mildly), so I had to choose a compact system to invest in.

    I actually didn’t spend much time on Olympus, to be honest. I think I’m heavily biased against MFT between the sensor size and the aspect ratio (I would just have to crop every picture to 3:2).

    I had some cash at the time, so it came down to the Fuji X-T1 and the Sony a7/a7R. In the end, I went with the X-T1 and haven’t regretted it for a moment. The high end Sony cameras are technically precise and rock the spec sheets, but the Fuji bodies and lenses just contain love and magic. Wow, I’ve drank a lot of kool-aid apparently.

    It’s true, though. The build quality of the X-T1 is great (aside from the direction buttons and stupid SD card door which will never stay closed :-P). The hand-feel is the best of any camera I’ve used (aside from the lock on the ISO). The EVF is like having a robotic eye. The images are sublime. And the glass is simply amazing (competitive with the Canon L glass that I have).

  • D.G. Brown

    Why do I keep hearing the Pokémon theme song..? :-P