A Super Simple DIY Lens Cap Holder that Will Cost You Almost Nothing

Lens caps are the bane of every photographer’s existence. They’re meant to protect our beautiful glass from getting destroyed with scratches or worse yet, cracks. But as helpful as these little things are, they’re also the socks of the photography world, going missing every five seconds.

After losing his more time than he cares to remember, Intractables user thescientistformerlyknownasNaegeli came up with an extremely cheap, but effective DIY lens cap holder.


There’s a good chance all of the materials you’ll be needing for this project lying around your house somewhere, with the only exception likely being a set of hook-and-eye closures. Specifically, you’ll be needing elastic, elastic cord, forceps (pliers), to-component adhesive, a toothpick, a sticky note, a sewing needle, scissors, thread, and of course, the hook-and-loop closures.


The first step once all the components are gathered and/or obtained is to modify the hook-and-eye system, followed by preparing the glue. Once the glue is set and ready to go, you attach the modified eyelet to your lens cap, prepare the elastic components and finally, you attach the elastic to the newly-created eyelet.

Now, a simple wrap of the elastic band around the barrel of the camera and your lens cap will never be lost. Of course, this means it will be dangling freely beneath the lens, but at least you still have it.


For a full run-down of the instructions, head on over to the Intractable, below.

DIY lens cap holder for camera [via Instructables]

  • Jonathan Maniago

    My dad had suggested similar solutions to me in the past, but I’ve always told him that I’d rather lose the lens cap than have it dangling and potentially get in the way of my shooting (heck, it’s more likely to damage my lens than protect it).

    Besides, Lego bricks or Velcro straps seem to be simpler and more elegant solutions.

  • Adam Cross

    my caps always go in my pocket, never lost one.

  • philippwedel

    dangeling lens caps are the worst invention since sliced bread…

  • Pickle

    Brilliant! Glue and string! Nobody else would have thought of this! Oh wait, they have and it sucks because there is no way to remove the lens cap now and it will either dangle in the wind shaking the tripod or be on your way while you’re shooting.

    Better solution: Invent a device for one’s pants, shirt, or jacket that forms a “pocket” of some sort that can hold things temporarily. You’d be rich and can even store money in that invention.

  • Jason Yuen

    I keep my caps in the pouch the lens came in.

  • Michael Andrew Broughton

    i don’t know who this naegeli guy is, but he didn’t come up with squat. lens cap holders exactly like this have existed for at least half a century. they’re also a huge pain in the ass, especially with manual lenses.

  • Bruce Alan Horn

    Some people like cap keepers, some don’t. I think it is a matter of preference. I’ve been using them for years and am moving away from them but if they work for other people, more power to them. This is a very nice cheap and easy way to make your own for much less than the $5-10 I see them for in most stores so if you like to keep one on each lens, this looks like a good way to go. I see them for sale on the internet for down to $1.99 at which point it is probably not such a good savings. You can buy elastic and elastic cord at fabric stores in black as well as white which is probably what I would do if I were making some of these.

  • docholliday666

    I keep my in the lab drawer or box the lens came in. And they stay there until the lens is sold or traded!

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