Photographer Captures the Carefree World of Children in an Indonesian Village


Too often, photographs of life in a rural village in a distant country revolve around sadness, hunger and depravity, but rural village life can also be playful, full of joy, and beautiful in its simplicity. It’s the latter of the two that Indonesian photographer Herman Damarher set out to capture.

Damar, a former advertising director turned self-taught photographer, focuses mainly on the lives of the children, capturing candid moments of them at play as well as more posed photographs in which the children are still, no doubt, having a great time.


The photos are all taken in a village outside of Jakarta that Damar described in a conversation with Bored Panda as “unspoiled by technology.” He also made sure to brag on the wonderful, welcoming people he’s met, calling them “friendly,” “humble,” and always “very happy when I take a shot.”

Below we’ve included a small selection of Damar’s photographs that caught our eye, but if you’d like to see more, be sure to pay his website a visit or give his profiles a follow on 500px or Twitter.
















(via Trend Hunter)

Image credits: Photographs by Herman Damar and used with permission

  • Adam Cross

    click on a photo and underneath it is a box titled “Details” and that’s it. you don’t have to click on anything or do anything special. The details box might not be available if you’re viewing via their mobile app.

  • Lorenzo

    It looks too unreal and fabricated to me.

  • tonyc0101

    LOL, I wasn’t responding to you directly, but there are a plethora of comments that make it seem as if there’s some sort of international photography standards regime that all people with cameras are supposed to be approved by. Actually, I hope it NEVER gets to that point. lol

  • prometheus1010

    There is obviously a fair amount of photoshopping here. I don’t mind adding a little extra blur in post and it is his artistic license to do so, but some of it is a bit much and looks too unrealistic.

    There are other photos on his 500px there are clearly complete composites of multiple photos with people cut out and placed into another scene. These start to blur the line of what is photography. It’s art none the less and has it’s value but it’s a bit disingenuous to post basically meaningless exif info and try and present it as a single photo.

  • OtterMatt

    The comment section is almost an allegory for the subject here. Somehow, I doubt the kids in the photos would care about the background blur as much as we do.

  • (:)

    These are effectively studio shots in the wild. Heavily staged, choreographed, and processed. Nice — but not my cup of tea. “Damar, a former advertising director” speaks volumes.

  • Dennis Raines

    Actually it looks more like a long mirror lens.

  • Peeks-Skills

    The photos are amazing!! The lighting is gorgeous!!

  • Matthew S. Sunday

    Either that or he shot everything with a 400… These saw some heavy post, though. Amazing, amazing job in camera and out.

  • Matthew S. Sunday

    My guess is all the backgrounds are composites. He definitely knows his editing tools, but lends to a very distinct style. Looks like primes for a lot… 50-100mm

  • Richard

    Fantastic work, no matter how it was produced.

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