Firefighter Turned Photographer Captures Fire Ravaging Multi Million-Dollar Mansion


Now THIS is ruin porn. Forget your standard urbex photo of an old warehouse that’s been abandoned for decades, natural forces taking it over inch-by-inch. The fire captured in the photos above by retired firefighter turned photographer Ricky Kulmann didn’t work it inches.

It took yards (or meters if you prefer) and quickly turned a multi million-dollar home into a hollow shell of charred wood filled with expensive ashes.

Kulmann specializes in photographing fires, but this particular set of images has really taken off, probably because the mansion you see burning in them was bought in 2007 for over $5 million. Even in 2013, after the housing crisis, the mansion was still valued at almost $3 million before some of the foam insulation in the attic spontaneously combusted.


The blaze happened on July 3rd and, thankfully, all humans and pets inside got out safely before what started as smoke turned into a raging inferno.

And as firefighters did their best to at least contain the fire — it doesn’t seem like the had any chance of stopping it before it completely destroyed the entire house — Kulmann was there with his camera to capture it all for the local news:









To see more of the photos from the set, or if you’d like to follow Kulmann’s work, head over to his website, check out the image gallery from this particular fire, or give him a follow on Twitter.

(via The Blaze)

Image credits: Photographs by Ricky Kulmann and used with permission

  • whoopn

    Wow, that really sucks…maybe we shouldn’t insulate our homes with highly flammable (even self flammable) material.

    On a photography note, maybe he should go through and remove the poor photos

  • michellebondy

    He’d have to remove all of them then.

  • victorinox126

    It’s the numbers dude! they’re cursed!

  • Jim Macias


  • dorarcheek

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  • David Guerra

    A house made of carbon, literally going up in smoke and leaving almost nothing behind… almost like a ship made of ice… Some peculiar materials they used here, no doubt…Not only self flammable, but even fireman-proof…