Reports Claim China Has Blocked Access to Flickr Amidst Pro-Democracy Protests


Recent reports claim that, in an effort to increase censorship, China has blocked Yahoo! photo sharing site Flickr alongside a number of other social media services. According to, a group dedicated to keeping the Internet open for all, the site has been down since July 1st.

Greatfire uses a collection of servers across a number of cities in China to determine what websites are being blocked. And while things such as pornography, propaganda against the nation, Twitter and Facebook are known to be censored, Flickr is one that’s always been in a bit of limbo.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 10.31.50 AM

The reason for the increase in the number of websites being blocked is said to be the pro-democracy protests that are currently taking place in Hong Kong. By blocking Flickr, the government gives protesters one less resource through which they can get the word out and organize.

In an email, Yahoo! told Bloomberg yesterday that it is aware of and investigating the situation.

(via Bloomberg)

Image credits: Defend Democratic Values by See-ming Lee and used in accordance with Creative Commons license.

  • Bonechips

    The same will be implemented in the US. Even easier here now that the law passed implementing the mandatory “Kill” switch for cell phones. Uprising? Kill all the cell phones.

  • Mike

    It is also interesting that the Chinese and the English on sign mean different things ! Hmmm

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    How many times has that happened in the US? None, that’s how many. To even compare the US with China’s oppression is laughable.

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  • ted

    yes and we keep supporting china and buying there products. when there people are still being kept in the dark. Why is a lot of manufacturing done in China, cheap labor with no rights. Stop supporting them until they wake up and find they are part of the world