BTS: Corey Rich on the Most Effective Way to Set Up & Shoot a Night Sky Time-Lapse

As part of Nikon’s continuing effort to promote its gear and ambassadors while teaching you something at the same time, the company has put together yet another inspirational and educational video we felt was worth sharing with you.

Featuring outdoor and editorial photographer Corey Rich, the above video walks you through the process of setting up and shooting a night sky time-lapse.


Coming across as an obvious commercial for Nikon, Rich touts the D800 and its list of impressive features that make shooting time-lapses as simple as possible. But it’s not the gear that we’re interested in.

Throughout the video he shares his process, giving great, concise advice for anyone that’s looking to get into time-lapse photography — especially the type that’s done in the dark.

The video comes in at just under three minutes, so it’s a fairly quick watch. Check it out to follow Corey on his adventures, and be prepared to take some notes for the next time you head out.

(via Imaging Resource)

  • Bruno Vieira

    Ha! There is no AF-S 28mm 1.4 …. It’s either the AF-S 24mm 1.4 or the AF-S 28mm 1.8 !!

  • Brennan Krieger

    In the video he said 24mm. Typo haha

  • Bruno Vieira


  • Patrick Pedersen

    Wrong, partially! I’ve had the AF (-D) 28 1.4 several years ago and is a great lens!

  • Bruno Vieira

    Partially!? S =/= D …. Hahahaha

  • TSY87

    they definitely got the lens description wrong. The 28mm 1.4 lens is an old lens and the one in the video is definitely a AF-S. It is definitely not the 28 1.8 due to the size. The 24 1.4g is still one of my favorite nikon lenses.

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  • SiriusPhotog

    My only question is why set the timer to :45sec if you are doing :30sec exposures. On my CANON I have to use an external intervalometer but I set the time between exposures to 1 second so there’s very little gap or motion between shots. That’s why his timelapse sequence was jerky.