Tutorial: A Basic Explanation of What a Tilt-Shift Lens Is and How it Works

Tilt-shift lenses are nothing short of optical magic… or so it seems. But as their namesake implies, they actually achieve this ‘magic’ through the use of two clever movements in the lens.

In the short tutorial above, Vincent Laforet, a Canon Explorer of Light and well-known photography educator, explains just how those two components work and how they dramatically impact the look of an image.


It’s a fairly brief video, so whether you’re looking to invest in a tilt-shift lens and want to better understand what it is you’re spending money on, or you just want to increase your store of photography knowledge, add this one to your queue.

(via Picture Correct)

  • Allison Slomowitz

    Great tutorial. What mic was used? The sound was great, especially considering it appears to be very windy!

  • Nate Parker

    Check out Vincent’s website- he’s got a ton of gear info including audio there-

  • Ron

    Said there’
    s 3 parts to the tutorial, where’s the other 2?

  • Gvido Mūrnieks

    Wheres the tutorial? All I saw, was a Canon ad.

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  • Jason Yuen

    I wonder what happens if you use a tilt-shift lens on a miniature model city.

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  • Gannon Burgett

    Meta. I like it.