Convict Becomes Famous Meme After His ‘Beautiful’ Mugshot Goes Viral

Author’s Note: This post contains a flash video that plays automatically.


Mugshots aren’t exactly known as the height of beautiful portrait photography, but 30-year-old felon Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot is something else entirely. Within 24 hours of the photo being posted on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook, Meeks’ glamour shot had received over 23,000 likes and nearly 6,000 comments… as of this writing those numbers are up to over 87,000 likes and over 11,300 comments.

It’s safe to say this image has gone well and truly viral, turning Meeks into a meme and sparking everything from Photoshop spoofs to a ‘Free Jeremy’ Twitter campaign.

Meeks’ photograph was posted to the department’s Facebook in order to share info about his arrest with the public, but his sharp blue eyes and smoldering stare quickly wooed many a commenter and led to several fashion photography Photoshop edits like the one you see below:

The photo has caused quite a stir, with the many (many, many, many) comments about how ‘beautiful’ or ‘gorgeous’ or ‘sexy’ he is being balanced out by the folks who point out that he has spent 9 years in jail for grand theft, that he has a teardrop tattoo (which typically signifies that he has killed somebody) and was arrested this time on five felony weapons charges.

Meeks himself agreed to an interview with a local news station in order to comment on his newfound fame:

What do you think about the whole viral portrait sensation? Let us know in the comments down below.

(via NBC)

  • Ron Gee

    Convict Klein

  • Rebecca H

    I thought teardrops were a sign they were behind bars. I didn’t know it meant they killed someone.

  • whatever_dude

    Wow, what an uptight, judgmental reporter.

    The vast majority of crime is committed by young men. Statistics would suggest that this dude–who apparently got picked up on a kind of random weapons-possession charge rather than an actual violent crime (and is now looking at leveraged time because of that)–is probably no longer a threat to society. Sheesh, all of America wants to be armed these days, not just felons.

    No doubt the court will decide after hearing the facts from his highly qualified public defender.

    The US justice system is so broken.

  • JustFedUp86

    Teardrop tattoos can mean anything from the loss of a family member to years spent in prison to being a murderer; it’s more what it means locally, and some people have them done just for the “convict” look.

    As for his mugshot, I’d say good lighting, he doesn’t look near as photogenic in the video of him. I say he” try to capitalize on it but this will be another soon forgotten story of the day.

  • kdujeu77733

    yeah that´s america.. glorifing criminals ansd useles celebrities who have no skills at all..

  • Burnin Biomass

    Felons cant have guns… end of.

  • Mr Hogwallop

    Gosh they found a gun in his trunk…he’s a felon. He;s not spozed to do that. “Probably” no longer a threat to society…or maybe he is.
    One of the reasons a lot of America wants to be armed because of felons like this dude. No matter how pretty his mug shot is.

  • jrconner

    Comment of the year.

  • neatjunk

    The reporter sounds likes hes jealous to me, or maybe he wants some.

  • Kynikos

    Society is safer with this piece of excrement locked up.

  • Kynikos

    Well, he could commit a felony and get some.

  • Andrew Kandel

    I hope they double-check whether his tattoos are a schematic of the prison.

  • Scott Mendelson

    Sigh… what a darling little crook,

  • mlianopr

    i didn’t know PetaPixel put this kind of Ssshhh…Stuff in here…!!

  • Chang He

    Once you have a tattoo on your face, you’ve pretty much “opted out” of the social contract.

  • Andrew Iverson

    Have you seen his history? It’s terrible. There are a bunch of things the police won’t release information for, but it really shows this guy shouldn’t be trusted with a gun.

  • Norshan Nusi

    It does makes wonder why mugshots today is using a much better lighting instead of direct flash.

    There’s even a reflector below there!

    Must be an actual photographer himself handling it.

  • whatever_dude

    How do you know, if the information hasn’t been released?

    I really have no more idea about this guy’s particulars than you or the other commenters here do. What I do know is that having a gun doesn’t make you any safer from crime, and does put your kids at significant risk. Look it up. But you probably won’t, because guns are religion in America. Doesn’t matter that they only work when you are on the offensive. But I agree we’d all be better off with fewer guns.

    It’s also crystal clear from the data that young men commit crimes disproportionate to anyone else, including the same guys at an older age. Once past 30, dude’s behavior just isn’t as scary as it is from about 12-27.

    But the American justice system is broken, and is more interested in eye-for-an-eye, Old Testament-style, lock-‘em-up-for-life retribution than in actually deterring crime, no matter how expensive, disruptive and destructive this strategy is to all of us.

  • whatever_dude

    I dunno. My mugshot from 1994 was lit the same and was pretty flattering, actually. I think they are just going for maximum evenness, which is a good look.

  • ReinoldFZ .

    Sounds like you want to go there to get your photo…

  • Vin Weathermon In case anyone wondered…he’s someone’s biatch apparently.

  • Vin Weathermon

    You’re kidding, right? Think there is some higher standard here?

  • mlianopr

    ??? higher standard?

  • Chris L

    Once you’ve made a comment like that, you’ve pretty much “opted out” of thinking for yourself as an individual.

  • Jason Wright

    They say it’s hard to rehabilitate after years in prison. Well, this guy has been given a good start if he wants to go into modelling. Clean up his act, clean up his image and make the most of his natural born talent.
    I don’t know what he has done, but he has presumably “paid his due” when he gets out. This could turn into a feel good movie within 5 years.

  • mary

    You have the right to remain sexy

  • Chang He

    Is it all that exemplary of “thinking for yourself” to get a tattoo which instantly identifies you as part of a group?

    Whether or not tattoos demonstrate individuality at all is debatable, putting one on your face is the same as wearing a sign that says “poor impulse control”, “desperate for attention”, or “look at me express my individuality by self-identifying as a criminal weakling”.

  • Chris L

    You’re right, these people need to obey all of the social norms and be truly individual free-thinkers like yourself Chang.

  • Chris Rogers

    It’s a legal system not “Justice” :(

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  • Jason Yuen

    Reporter romanticizes him by first saying the tear tattoo symbolizes what he’s not proud of and goes onto saying that criminals shouldn’t be put on a pedestal. What a hypocrite. You can’t load your messages with additional meaning and then go hands off without having you and your news agency’s integrity questioned.

  • Chang He

    Obeying social norms has nothing to do with free thought. Disobeying them is often a cheap substitute for the hard work of thinking for yourself. Additionally, you’ll find (should your free thought actually result in something useful) that others are far more likely to listen if they aren’t busy ignoring the jackass with the face tattoo.

  • Nettyd

    To bad his dumb ass! wasn’t smart enough to pursue a career to begin with! Oh! wait boo who! it was his environment! not to mention 100 other million things! I say if he gets out! and can get a passport! model somewhere else… he’ll never know until he tries!

  • Kyle Gray

    Only in America.

  • Asgeirr Black

    Even absolutely “normal” people can have them. Its just tat.. might have meaning, might mean absolutely nothing.

  • arachnophilia

    see, this is why i don’t get your point at all. what’s this about opting out of a social contract? does a face tattoo identify you as part of a group, or doesn’t it?

    in any case, there have been plenty of cultures in which facial tattooing and facial scarification were entirely mainstream. for instance, tattoos originated in the pacific islands, and the maori people in particular are known for their facial tattoos. i also have friends from africa where scarification of the face is fairly common in some tribes.

  • Kieth ellis

    By the way females have went ape over this institutionalized, life time criminal, shows how intelligent the next generation of of females will be. I hope all of the Oman that want this type of trash finds it.

  • Shaqueta

    Free him

  • Missy

    Who are we to judge that man? This might have been what he needed to turn his life around. Even God had a few criminals on his team but they were all eventually delivered.

  • Demetria L. Finney

    The orignation of the tear drop started with gangs in prison. It signifies you have killed someone. Everyday people would not get a tear drop for no reason and if you do, people are going to think you killed someone. Google it.

  • Wesley

    He’s a convicted felon with a gun. in other words, a threat to society. That’s the reason we have laws preventing felons from possessing guns.

  • Diana Powell

    You are right, I know someone who has 3 of them and she said it meant 5 yrs per tear drop..

  • Diana Powell

    He had the gun in his trunk and the second amendment is his right to have one. Most people who are convicted of crimes they have not committed them or have got tricked into taking a plea from what I have seen the the Judge and entire court system are criminal, if you don’t know this then be thankful you haven’t been lucky enough to find out. It also looks like Google aint always right because I know someone who has 3 tear drops and she said it was for spending 5 yrs in prison per tear drop and I wouldn’t think that would change due to the ones who have already got them. Going from doing 5 yrs per tear drop to murder per tear drop is to drastic of a change in the meaning. The person who told me this was not trying to hide the fact that she killed 3 people. Besides sometimes it is kill or be killed. Looks like something this powerful happening to Jeremy Meeks can only come from one place, GOD. Besides anyone who has a good sense of judgement can see that Jeremy is no cold blooded killer from the video that was posted. Go Jeremy It Must Be Well Deserved Or It Wouldn’t Be Happening !!!

  • ServosT

    You are absolutely right. Tattoos are a crazy fad. A spur of the moment decision that one gets to live the rest of their life with. But once a person who starts tattooing above the neckline they are definitely entering territory reserved for thugs, gang bangers, prisoners and performance artists you would cross the street to avoid.

  • ServosT

    “Just a tat?” At a minimum, it’s associated with a thug kind of life. Why would a normal person want that kind of association?