Woman’s Stroke Selfie Video Helps Doctors Properly Diagnose Her and Save Her Life

A woman in Toronto may have saved her own life in early April by recording her own mini-stroke on video as it happened. The ‘stroke selfie,’ as it has been dubbed by some, helped doctors who had dismissed her symptoms previously properly diagnose her the next day, saving her from what might have been a much more serious attack.

Stacey Yepes, 49, recorded the life-saving video selfie a few days after doctors at a Toronto hospital assured her the symptoms she came in with were ‘stress related.’ They gave her some breathing exercises and sent her home, but before she was even out of the parking lot she had suffered her second of three transient ischemic attacks, or ‘mini strokes.’

When another one hit, Yepes did what many of us might do in her shoes: she pulled the car over and turned the camera on herself to record the event as it happened.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 1.23.18 PM

You can see the resulting video selfie at the top, and it was this video that she brought to doctors at Toronto Western Hospital who were then able to diagnose her properly and put her on the correct medication.

Maybe selfies are stupid and silly, and self-documentation the way most of popular culture does it is narcissistic to the extreme, but there are certainly benefits to having a camera on you at all times… and, occasionally, turning that camera on yourself.

Check out the video at the top to see the troubling footage for yourself.

(via CNN)

  • C Jacobs

    What I got from this is that if she spent less time on selfies and more time seeking medical attention for her issues she probably would’ve been diagnosed earlier.

  • Jason Yuen

    …not sure if joking, trolling, or serious.

  • Morgan Glassco

    I am not sure what this video shows that she wasn’t able to describe. Of course I am not a medical professional but she did a fine job explaining the symptoms and the video only proved it. I did not see anything additional. I hope the Dr.’s were not dismissive of her and only with ‘proof’ took her condition serious.

  • Jason Yuen

    Doctors cannot issue medication without being sure of the problem. This is not a failure of the Canadian health care system, rather it just demonstrates the accountability and how seriously they take it. I’m not a doctor, but I imagine stroke medication has something to do with making your blood thinner and easier to flow. Unlike getting antibiotics or other non-life-threatening illness medication, changing blood viscosity can be lethal.

  • Brixton

    Did you even read the article. WTF.

  • Brixton

    Yeah, well the problem seems to be that the doctor’s either didn’t believe her or just skimmed over her complaints and prescribed her something. Stress seems to be the number one easy, go-to, diagnosis for most things. Good on her for advocating for herself and getting the proper treatment because of the video.

  • Morgan Glassco

    So before “selfies” this lady would have been screwed? Would they only help her if she had symptoms in their presence?

    I’m sure there is more to the story, but article states they assured her it was “stress related”. It did not imply the were doing additional testing being performed.

  • Jason Yuen

    That’s true. We don’t know what else she told her doctor. She may indeed have been under a lot of stress as well. I know someone who had gone through a foreclosure and was dealing with the death of a family member all within a year. Her blood pressure was so high that her doctor was surprised that she was not in the hospital. Even then, he would not issue medication to lower her blood pressure because he knew if the stress was relieved, her blood pressure would return to normal and if he had issued medication, her blood pressure would become extremely low.

  • Sarah BK

    There are a couple of things that she didn’t describe (but if she really wanted to she could) – like being unable to smile on the left half of her face, and if you noticed when she was not attempting to lift her left eyelids with forehead muscles it sort of droops as well. She also couldn’t tightly close her left eye.

    The REALLY sad part is that if she was at hospitals and saw doctors in person, if they took a look at her face it should have been what we call a ‘spot diagnosis’. Of course an actual examination would have only confirmed it, cause it also looks as though she has loss of grip strength in her left hand too.

    They didn’t need this video to diagnose her – only needed to look at her when she presented. (Of course, unless she didn’t actually look like this when she was there and it only got progressively worse by time this video was taken).

  • DickCheney

    Selfies save lives!

  • sheckie

    And that’s why you’re retarded.

  • spiralphoto

    Yeah you didn’t pay attention at all. This selfie was filmed AFTER she was already diagnosed for the wrong thing.

  • cjsv


  • spiralphoto

    Sounds to me like selfies do a better job than you at the helm of NORAD.

  • spiralphoto

    The facial symptoms in this video were not present at the time of her original diagnosis, so they only had her word to go on at that time. Without evidence of a stroke, you don’t get stroke medication.

  • spiralphoto

    As the article stated, the facial symptoms in this video were not present at the time of her original diagnosis, so they only had her word to go on at that time.

  • Sarah BK

    It doesn’t explicitly say it, but it is sort of implied – I’ll agree. Though we don’t really know how long it took from the onset (and eventual disappearance) of symptoms the first time till her doctors saw her in hospital.

  • Sarah BK

    What they could have done though was keep her under observation – but as far as my knowledge goes, hospitals in America aren’t free so this might not be as easy as it may have been here, to admit her and keep her under observation, where she could alert a doctor who could then come examine her within minutes.

  • seorasx

    I hope she eventually got proper medication and care and is now ok.

    I think she was brave and perhaps somewhat desperate in doing this, though I’m not sure if selfy is quite correct, certainly not fun.

    My father died of a stroke (after two years of care) and my brother also has had a stroke (now partially paralysed down the left side), its certainly no laughing matter.

    I think as many people as possible should see this.
    A very simple and basic test if a stroke is suspected of happening is to or get person to lift both arms in front and if one droops, often the left, thats a potential sign. Strokes can come on gradually (as Yepes had) or be sudden and devastating.

    Sorry for gloomy post.

  • Brixton

    Yeah, but aren’t doctors going off the word of all their patients? A lot of times symptoms aren’t physically present and that’s the doctors duty to do the right tests and legwork, which seems to not have happened here.

  • Matt

    A simple CT scan will diagnose a stroke, mini stroke, or TIA. I feel the doctor should have issued the scan immediately before ruling out any of the three. After that, assuming her BP was low enough, she could have received the TPA (aka “stroke medicine), saving her further brain damage and ultimately her life.

  • fast eddie

    C Jacobs • 7 hours ago

    “What I got from this is that if she spent less time on selfies and
    more time seeking medical attention for her issues she probably would’ve
    been diagnosed earlier.”

    What I got from this is that you have the reading comprehension of a peanut butter & turd sandwich. Holy smokes, guy. You’re a special kind of stupid.

  • Eden Wong


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