Humor: World Cup Photogs Have to Wear Sony Vests, But Not One Shoots Sony


Need a bit of a chuckle this morning? Check out the image above, published by As sonyalpharumors points out, you’ll notice that almost all of the photographers are wearing Sony branded vests (Sony is a major World Cup Sponsor) but not a single one of them is shooting with a Sony camera.

It’s good for a little smile and a reminder that, while many believe Sony is currently one of the most innovative camera brands in the world, sports photography is definitely an area where the big two enjoy a well-deserved monopoly.

  • Guest

    Sonys aren’t the best tools for capturing

  • the truth hurts

    i would like a a99

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  • Pickle

    Sony wants to play with the big boys but will remain a consumer product for years to come.

  • dotbran

    All they’re really missing is a 1DX/D4s caliber body and a native 200-400. Hopefully the A99II is that body or they release something upscale in a year or two.

  • dpanch_89

    4K is also advertised all over the World Cup. However, hardly ANYONE has a 4K tv, and I don’t think anyone is broadcasting it in 4K either…(at least not in the UK). And one wonders how much a 4K tv costs in Brazil, considering the Brazilian price of a PS4 is INSANE!

  • Miami_KIT

    No surprise. I heard they banned the players from wearing Beats branded headsets on the field, as they gave every player a Sony headset.

  • Dominik

    I’d like to shoot some sports with Leica!

  • SSMAJplastic

    PS4 in Brazil costs 4K reais, now I wonder how much a 4K tv costs…

  • Polisonico

    Everyone wants to buy Sony advanced stuff but we are too invested in the other brands. If they decided to use a Canon mount or a Nikon (can they license it?) now we are talking!

  • ollyIs

    I can’t resist being a pedant. A monopoly refers to one domineering company. Two would be a duopoly..

  • Camel Jockey

    Same for you being a schlepp

  • SeoulFood

    I would guess this is advertisement for the crowd. They can’t see the Nikon or Canon label on the camera, but they can see the Sony “a” on the photogs’ vests. The assumption, to those who don’t know , would be that they are shooting Sony.

  • Bill Binns

    When I bought my last DSLR just a few years ago, Sony did not have an interchangeable lens camera and had only recently loosened up on their “Memory Stick” nonsense (Checking Wikipedia just now, I was amazed to learn that Sony still makes Memory Sticks and Memory Stick compatible devices – talk about beating a dead horse). They have come a long way in a very short amount of time. Canon and Nikon shouldn’t feel too safe about owning any area of photography.

    I think Canon and Nikon are so obsessed with competing with each other that they are blind to what has been happening with Sony, Fuji and to a certain extent Olympus and even Casio.

  • Jáco Herbst

    Exactly my thought. And SONY is certainly aware of this fact.

  • Ryan Balton

    Well, Sony broadcast cameras for television are being used in some of the venues and studios in Brazil by various broadcasters. Those camera operators on the pitch are also wearing the vests.

    At any rate, putting logos on the vests – for the event they sponsor – is likely not to target pros. It’s more likely to target the consumers at home who see a million Sony logos everywhere and think about Sony’s consumer products and brands – TVs, gaming, home theater, laptops and so on.

  • Chang He

    Like Curling? Or Chess? I love Leica, but the “decisive moment” is going to be tough to capture at 4 fpminute. ;-)

  • Adam Cross

    no one broadcasts 4k, just a few years ago 1080i was a problem for most broadcasters, even now most HD content is broadcast at 720p due to bandwidth constraints

  • OtterMatt

    Not that anyone would notice, since it’s incredibly difficult to tell the difference between 1080 and 720. I’d be surprised if anyone EVER broadcasts in 4k. I mean, it’s freaking impossible for us to get comprehensive broadband coverage in America, the place is just too damn big.

  • Kuntal Gupta

    Its better and cheaper than providing Alphas to the arsenal :P Good Strategy indeed :P

  • Dominik

    I can wind max. 2 frames per second, so even slower. I think HCB didn’t have even 4fps.

  • uaio

    At least they are now on the right track! Hahahaha

  • ReinoldFZ .

    I don’t remember HCB sports photographs…

  • Luis

    Pedantic, but nothing but the truth.

  • s0undmind

    “not a single one of them is shooting with a Sony camera.”

    The photographer front and center is holding a Sony FDR-AX1. (Blue vest.) In fact, the entire World Cup is being broadcast in 4K using Sony cameras, so your article, while humorous, is not completely accurate.

  • s0undmind

    Sony is on the rise while Canon and Nikon coast on their legacy of glass. Sony will overtake Nikon within the next 3 years. And on another note, the Bears are going to win the NFC this year.

  • Chang He

    Oh, I said four frames “per minute” on purpose. It was a bit of a joke. Actually a film Leica is probably faster given the atrocious write speed of the digital iterations.

  • fredericomalaca

    japan will broadcast 4k, they start this july

  • Dale

    sony isn’t in that market yet because they need to build up a user base in that segment … i don’t see why sony cannot build similar or better cameras than the big two for that user segment once they decide to enter that market

  • dudung10

    they were talking about shooting images. you r pathetic

  • s0undmind

    Wrong again. I’m awesome.

  • dudung10

    and you work for sony

  • Chang He

    Oh, I said four frames “per minute” on purpose. It was a bit of a joke. Actually a film Leica is probably faster given the atrocious write speed of the digital iterations.

  • Stephen431

    True, however, isn’t alpha strictly their dslr & former NEX line of still cameras, not video cameras like that one?

    If I were Sony, I’d require the photographers to use Sony alpha branded camera straps too.

  • Luis Rubim

    That’s a little misguided, Sony has manufactured sensors for at least one of the big two. So…

  • Hendrick the Elder

    If Fuji was sponsoring the World Cup, then they would be wearing Fujifilm vests. Sony is a sponsor, so they can put their logo where they want it. Sony is a sponsor, hence the logos and the whole 4K advertisement on the screens. This point would be equally moot regardless of who would have had their logo there.

  • Matt Rennells

    OK, so the one guy in the blue (as well as a few of the rest of the video crew) are using Sony cameras — BUT, guess what, their vests DON’T have the Sony Alpha logo on them, only the still photographers — so not a single person that we can tell in this photo with a Sony Alpha vest on is using a Sony camera.

  • Pete

    I’m sure if you dig deep enough you’ll get out of that hole one day!

  • nikonian

    Sony’s Two problems arent their glass or the variety of gear they have. While they lack one or two lenses Canikon has, their real issues are that they need a body that can perform for speed. If they made an a88 that shot 12fps raw with a100 frame buffer and AF to match it they may solve their second issue, winning a bid with Reuters or Ap or Espn etc. Many if not most of the gear in the photograph is not owned by the photographer but by the agency they shoot for. I used to know a guy who did work for AP and while his personal shooter was a a900 AP wouldn’t let him shoot with it.

  • james

    *They. *are

  • oscar

    In big TVs (over 42″) it is notable the difference

  • OtterMatt

    Yeah, but from how close to the TV, and do you REALLY notice? I’m guessing not, because all the television is broadcast in lower definition anyway, so aside from Blu-ray disks or streaming from a media PC, you’re just paying for pixels that you can’t use. I’ll grant you, the added detail is nice on movies, but 4k? The price far outstrips the usefulness, and probably will for the next 5 years at least.

  • oscar

    The pixels are interpolated in real time so, you won’t note the smaller pixels. I have been seen that on a 4K TV with TV normal signal, and you will notice the difference. A agree with you about the price, but maybe before 5 years it could be affordable.

  • dudung10

    i know i dig deep enough, i’ll eventually reach yo momma’s pussay

  • fsjal

    *pa dum tsssss*