Kanye Publicly Slams Annie Leibovitz, Says He Had to Edit His Own Wedding Photos

While speaking on a panel at the Cannes Lions Creativity Conference on Tuesday, Kanye West decided to attack iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz publicly, criticizing her for flaking on the celebrity couple just one day ahead of the nuptials.

What’s more, the infamously loud-mouthed celebrity went on to rant about how he was forced to edit the now-famous most-liked photo on Instagram himself to make it “look like Annie Leibovitz.”

The news is being reported by all of the typical gossip publications you know best (and, of course, respect with journalistic fervor) but these are direct quotes so the fact that this appeared on Page Six of the NY Post and TMZ among others doesn’t change the fact that West is indeed insulting one of the greatest celebrity photographers of our time.

Apparently, it was Leibovitz who was originally scheduled to photograph the Kimye wedding, but she canceled only 24 hours in advance because, in West’s words, “I think that she was, like, scared of the idea of celebrity.”

He then went on to claim that the kiss photo seen at the top (currently the most-liked photo on Instagram) was post-processed by none other than the newlywed couple themselves while on their Honeymoon.

Let me tell you something about that kiss photo that my girl put up … this was pissing my girl off during the honeymoon, she was exhausted because we worked on the photo so much because Annie Leibovitz pulled out right before the wedding


Because Annie pulled out, I was like, ‘Okay, I still want my wedding photos to look like Annie Leibovitz,’ and we sat there and worked on that photo for, like, four days because the flowers were off-color.

We won’t deign to comment on whether or not the Wests’ photo editing skills indeed did make that Instagram photo look like it was taken by the great Annie Leibovitz, but there sure isn’t anything stopping you from doing it in the comments down below.

(via NY Post)

  • Felipe Carlos

    I’m not buying the story that Annie was hired as their wedding photographer. That’s just not her type of gig.

  • Ian.L

    Flowers in the background? I thought it was a giant cauliflower.

  • yopyop

    There is still a reason : Kanye is a great hiphop artist, with great records.

  • Barbara Fleming Lord

    It’s probably appropriate that the dress doesn’t look white.

  • Dannell Morgan

    Douche bag! The photographer who takes the divorce photos will be more famous. Just sayin

  • Howard

    Perhaps thats why she decided not to show up … Besides, how would you know what Ms Leibovitz wants to do or not, are you her family member or something? I’m not that kind of photographer either, but for the amount of money they’d pay, I’d be that kind of photographer.

  • Mariann Grace

    Wow… I’m amazed that the article (and the comments I’ve read so far) focus on Kanye’s attempts to make a photograph look like it had been taken by Annie Leibovitz and not the real issue: that ANY healthy and capable photographer canceling on ANY COUPLE’S wedding one day prior to the event without at least providing some sort of back-up is beyond unprofessional. Am I the only one who sees this? Does Leibovitz get a complete pass because of HER iconic status within the photography community? This to me is a much more troubling effect of celebrity than the sensational nature of Kimeye’s fame.

  • Tasha

    This made me LOL for real.

  • Kyla Fear

    I’m glad he spent that much time on that image to make it look like an instagram filter. what a prick.

  • Graysmith

    Odd how both the article and comments are focusing on the wrong thing. If Annie Leibovitz was indeed going to shoot the wedding and flaked without a very good reason (death in the family, severe illness, etc.) then surely that’s the story here and she’s the one that should be vilified. Like a few level-headed people point out in these comments, if your own wedding photographer pulled out 24 hours before the wedding you’d be pretty livid too. Certainly if you’re in a foreign country where getting a replacement isn’t as quick and easy.

    I’m not one to defend Kanye West over any of the gibberish he says, but if Leibovitz was really going to do it and flaked without valid reason he’s within his rights to be mad, even if the way he expresses himself leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Tyreek

    it would be the most hilarious thing in the world if she wasn’t even hired by them, and has NO idea what the hell is going on…

  • Kyla Fear

    Eh. We don’t know why she bailed. I agree it is shady but it kinda seems like there is a great potential for this couple to be in breach of contract or something of the sort..

  • Jacquelyne Renee

    If things went so south in the business relationship, I’m awfully curious to know if Kim and Kanye were granted the commercial rights by Annie to be allowed to edit / modify her image, especially to edit it and then say that it was edited to be her style? What the heck is that? Not sure if Annie just wants to let it go and figure Kanye just the troll he is, but if not, I do see cause for a legal battle coming.

  • Kyla Fear

    Annie did not photograph their wedding. She backed out the day before

  • Tyreek

    she was probably a guest and didn’t show up and they were like, “what a bit?*#, we were banking on her being here with her camera!

  • SeductiveStudios

    Kanye who?

  • Rita the Actress

    Think he missed the point to getting married or going on a honeymoon.
    Seriously, I’m sure the editing could have waited you douche

  • Laura

    But Conor Mcd did the photos, and they were on his page before Kim and Kanyes so surely he edited it if he had if before them?

  • Kristi LeMair

    I have a hunch there is more to the story than Kanye is telling. Annie is one of the most talented and proven artists of our time. Unlike either Kayne or Kim who stay in the media mostly by criticizing everyone around them. Perhaps Annie found out that Kim was complaining about her brother ruining her photographs because of his weight and wanted no part of their superficiality.

  • unladylike9001

    Too bad Kanye’s dad didn’t.

  • Vlad Dusil

    Wait a minute, your response actually makes sense.

    The senseless Kimye bashing only reinforces their intense popularity, love ‘em or hate ‘em. They’re doing it right, causing a stir of controversy with every move they make… watch this thread have 100+ comments in the next few hours.

  • Peng Tuck Kwok

    The fact that Kanye and skill was mentioned in the same one sentence ……..

  • S2N

    Kanye and Kim are rather irrelevant; this article should be focused on a photographer bailing on a contracted event. Sounds like a poor decision, both ethically and financially.

  • Andre Gant

    Kanye is notoriously known for being douchy, yet he could be telling the truth regarding Annie Leibovitz cancelling 24hrs before shooting their wedding. After all, Annie is human. Maybe something came. Maybe Annie simply lost interest in shooting their wedding and came up with an off the dome reason to cancel on them. Until Annie speaks, we won’t know both sides of the story. Even after that, we still may not know the FULL truth.

    What’s apparent to me is that Kanye has no immediate album selling motives for making this statement. I don’t know of an album dripping soon for him. So my bet is off regarding whether or not this is a publicity stunt. But then again, whether an album or the next project is on the horizon, a publicity stunt is always welcome for a celebrity as long as their name is in circulation, they are most likely happy.

    About Kanye’s editing, all he had to do was simply send the images to Annie’s favorite editing team over at Box Studios. They would have done an amazing job editing the images for him. 

    Anywhooooo, I hope Annie responds! (Holding breath and crossing fingers)

  • Rob LaRosa

    Nailed it! Annie is known for her strong color casts and blown highlights in the middle of the photograph!

  • Theresasc13

    Why did she even agree to photograph their wedding to begin with? A bit disappointing on this end, glad she wised up though and realized her talent is better spent elsewhere.

  • yung beety

    you are retarded

  • Anne Dapore

    Not only did he manage to bash a iconic photographer he also managed to bash the young 24 year old photographer who actually took the photos by saying what he said. I doubt he sat up all night with a Mac computer and Lightroom studio software open making adjustments. NOT! Double Jerk!

  • Willi Kampmann

    … What flowers? On her dress or what? Also, what’s that weird white light in the rocks behind them? It looks like a crack in reality, probably caused by the union of the two most annoying people in the universe.

  • doober

    yo where the liquify tool at , how we make her butt bigger??

  • Andrew Iverson

    But he is not a gay fish, even if he does like fish sticks. ;)

    He will always be tied to that South Park episode in my mind.

  • iam3x

    ok why is this being considered news? I’m more interested in why she “flaked” 24 hours before the wedding

  • Christopher

    Maybe hire a wedding photographer next time and not a commercial photographer…

    That said, no one booked for a wedding should simply drop out 24 hours before the wedding day (acts of God or illness notwithstanding).

  • Andrew Iverson

    If you have read any details of this whole debacle, like ordering 30 life sized marble statures FOUR days before the wedding, and many breaking because of that short of a deadline, i’m guessing there is a lot more to this story than Kanye is saying. There is also a “guest” who got invited, told to sing (he was an opera singer i believe), and once done, got told to leave. My guess here is he invited her to come and take some photos days before the wedding, she caught wind of it, and bailed.

  • MrsNutt

    He’s trash. Period. Well..both of them are trash.

  • Cock_Lesnar

    Why would anyone bail on that opportunity? Especially 24hrs before the wedding? Annie Leibovitz is a well known celebrity photographer, hopefully there is a good reason why she bailed

  • Chito

    The fact that the photo has the most likes on instagram says a lot about who uses instagram..

  • Jill Nobles


  • dora

    white balance is terrible dude. sorry. epic fail. also her dress is cut off. and it’s too noisy. yeah. epic fail.

  • Anomouse

    He could of made her ass smaller

  • wherever

    She probably quit because Kanye was being a complete douche, as per usual.

  • Edgar Allan Bro


  • Edgar Allan Bro

    You implied that you don’t know who Kanye is, and therefore totally burned him! BECAUSE IF YOU DONT KNOW WHO A CELEBRITY IS, THEY ARENT FAMOUS LOL

    You comedy superstar. I look forward to your HBO special next season.

  • Tisa

    What I want to know is: Who was the poor photographer that ended up shooting this wedding, not even mentioned AND now insulted by the client editing their work as it’s ‘not Annie Leibovitz’?

  • uaio

    Couple of idiots. They deserve each other.

  • wherever

    Yep, the color on them looks awful. Being the most liked photo on Instagram means nothing, it just means that they’re famous. The previous record holder of that dubious honor was a grainy cell phone selfie of Justin Beiber and his ex girlfriend.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Who is this Kanye? Who is this Kardasian chick?
    What are these two famous for?

  • Tisa

    My guess would be something to do with unreasonable requests, demanding or insulting clients and downright rudeness.

  • haha

    He was probably like, “I’ll need you to make me look good in my pictures.” so she quit.

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    Well, Kanye has sold 25m albums, 70m singles, has over a billion views on Youtube and has been producing records for almost 20 years – including The Blueprint.

    So what are you famous for, exactly?