Behold the World’s First Elephant Selfie… an “Elfie”


While he may never forget the moment captured in the photo above, Latabe the elephant apparently wanted to make sure no one else did, either.

While Scott Brierley was on a tour at West Midlands Safari Park, located in Worcestershire, England, he managed to drop his phone next to the African elephant enclosure. After Brierley was told to not exit his car, Latabe grabbed his phone, presumably thinking it was food, and in doing so managed to capture quite a selfie.

After his phone was returned to him by keepers at the park, Brierley shared that he might be in possession of the world’s first “elfie” — an elephant selfie. However, according to copyright laws, it might not actually be his.

Usually, whoever snapped the photo is the owner of the resulting image. Thus, technically speaking, Latabe is the rightful owner. The good news for Brierley is that chances are good Latabe would gladly exchange rights for a few hundred pounds… of grass and fruit.

(via BBC via Reddit)

Image credits: Photograph by Latabe

  • bob cooley

    I can’t wait for this fad, and daily use of this term to end… Selfies, that is – I like elephants :)

  • Kynikos

    I love elephants, and deeply respect all who try to protect them.

    That said, if elephants continue to take selfies, I’m going to switch sides and start backing the poachers. Please make selfies stop.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    I’m very suspicious whether this is true or not.

  • Stephen Davies

    That’s the trouble with selfies – they make your nose look too big . . .

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