Creative Cloud Update Allows You to Install Previous Versions of Adobe Software

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 8.00

In addition to introducing a few speed enhancements and fixing a few bugs — you know, typical update stuff — the most recent Creative Cloud update, version, brings one exciting and unexpected feature: you can now install and run previous versions of Adobe programs alongside the latest and greatest.

The update, once installed, adds a new option under the Apps tab on your Creative Cloud manager that allows you to sort apps by “Previous Version” and select an older CS of any given app to install.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 8.01

For now, as you can see from the screenshot above, it only goes back one generation. But lovers or CS6 who have some gripe or another with the Creative Cloud version of any given app will now be able to use the proper tool for the task without sacrificing anything. Besides, we can imagine Adobe expanding this feature further given enough positive feedback.

Other improvements found in this update include improved performance when syncing a large number of files, font sync enhancements and bug fixes, and a ‘redesigned Sign In experience’ that looks a whole lot like the old experience.

To learn more about this update, head over to Adobe’s website here, or run your Creative Cloud updates and give it whirl yourself.

(via DPReview)

  • Clayton Finley

    “blah blah creative cloud is bad blah blah blah!”

  • Björn Lubetzki

    Nowhere in this article is anything bad about CC……So the only thing unqualified is your comment. But back to the original article. I “own” CC but I don’t get it. Why install CS6. It needs about the same resources so why install CS6 if you can install CC?

  • thenewno12

    I see the option to use this for Photoshop but it doesn’t seem like it is available for Lightroom (which is what I could really use).

  • thenewno12

    Are there certain plugins that wouldn’t work with CC that used to work with CS6? If so that would seem to be a good reason.

  • Björn Lubetzki

    Okay, I didn’t thought about that

  • arachnophilia

    people who were complaining about CC (i’m not one of them) were sticking with CS6 because you didn’t have to check in periodically; you just owned it outright. if you install CS6 through CC, do you get CS6 with no check-ins? or CC minus features?

  • Rob Elliott

    The big reason to me, is CC is constantly updating, eventually it will start needing more resources.. my computer can handle it now.. but what happens in 2 years if I don’t upgrade for a bit. CC eventually will be come painful on lower end computers. CS6 would help solve that.

    It was also the original version of Photoshop with Creative Cloud. I still have it installed along with CC. (just to be safe)

  • William Huston

    I have used Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition for many years (even back when Audition was Cool Edit Pro). Started out with a bootleg copy of Premiere 6.5. I finally decided to support Adobe and purchase an authentic version CS5.5. I have been extremely disappointed by Adobe’s lack of support. After the initial update, I have never received ONE update to Premiere. It’s like they just don’t support older code. Now they push this Creative Cloud BS, where we don’t even “own” the product any more, just rent, just a way to get even more money. Extremely disappointed this.

    I work with a team of documentary videographers, and we are evaluating low cost and free alternatives to the Adobe Suite. NO WAY are we going to spend $thousands per seat for software rent, and receive no support.

  • Rob Elliott

    no CS6 was the original version of Software with Creative Cloud. It has to be checked in as well as it is the CC version of CS6

  • Rob Elliott

    I hope that with this announcement coming… this is an indication that they are going to split CC into versions which you can upgrade to automatically, but allows people with a PC that hasn’t been upgraded yet, or is on the lower end, to keep CC 14 and not have to upgrade to CC 15 until the upgrade the computer.

    The downside is.. that is when the subscription model falls apart.

    What I’d love to see is in a year or two… or even now.. the creation of a legacy licence.. where if you are a CC subscriber and you are going to leave, (due to retirement, or change in business) and you are no longer using the most up to date CC version (say behind 1 or 2 versions), that you can keep it installed with a perpetual licence. Either for a small fee/free depending how long you’ve been using the software. That would basically alleviate everyone.

  • Josh – Creep Machine

    I imagine there will be an update to the CC someday that will make me want to start paying for the service, this is not one of them. I still dislike the model. So I will happily stay with my older versions, and newly found alternatives, for the day the CC becomes enticing enough to warrant joining up.

  • androostain

    I just want Adobe muse to be made compatible with retina displays…pleeeeeeease

  • Devilsh

    Would love if they added Adobe Encore to the list of previous versions. I sorely miss that program…

  • RonT

    Seems odd – my CC has always had CS6 available in it, so no change from what I can see so far.

    I can’t really see the value in going backwards beyond that personally but it may be useful for some people.

  • RonT

    No, you’re thinking of CS5

  • Jeff Jones

    This has been one of my biggest concerns – why should I be forced to buy a new computer in a few years because Adobe has moved their software beyond the capabilities of my machine?

    This seems like a logical way to address that.

  • LizDexic

    I miss the Variations command, only with v. CS3 and lower.

  • deaconb

    Does installing a previous version allow you to effectively have a 3rd/4th license? For example, I’m using my Photoshop CC licenses on my primary workstation and my tablet… can I now install CS6 on my alternate workstation/laptop?

  • MomsVCR

    WHAT? I’m not exactly sure who this will benefit… so you can rent CS6 now instead of owning it … people don’t have a problem with the CC software, they have a problem with the ownership model…

    So if I am hesitant to get CC because I don’t want all of my work held hostage if I do not want to pay the subscription any more, I would have to work exclusively in CS6 which you can buy outright … done. Pay the subscription fee but work solely in CS6 … but why wouldn’t I just BUY CS6 if that is only what I am going to use …. HOW IS THIS AN UPDATE???? These are the updates people are paying monthly for??? These and the “FIXES” to your poor programming to begin with, the same type of Fixes you release when you need to update people’s OWNED software. Bravo.

  • MomsVCR

    Don’t worry, you’ll still pay the monthly fee for software you can’t upgrade.

  • MomsVCR

    So they still come out with large “updates” (at least large enough to hold an event with presser and everything) and eventually your computer you are using will not be able to run these monumental updates …. so they will eventually come out with a model that after you have paid enough (2-3yrs maybe) you can keep the legacy software for a small fee. That sounds like the PERFECT plan… isn’t that just perpetual licenses in a nutshell??? How crazy is it that to eventually alleviate everyone, they are going to adopt their old model.

  • Rob Elliott

    Well keep in mind that it just my personal wild speculation. But what this whole thing would do is remove barrier to entry, allowing a greater number of people to use it.

    Elements is $100 to buy, and the Photography Bundle that includes Lightroom is $120 a year paid monthly.

    Once you use it for a year you stick with it.. and it increases over all revenue for Adobe.

    But I never underestimate the stupid factor of Executives when it comes to money or licencing.

  • jeansandjacketrequired

    WOW… am I behind the times. I am surprised and not happy about the “cloud” rental of Adobe products. I always OWN. I like owning. I never upgraded beyond Photoshop 4 because my company (a big name retailer) never upgraded most of their designers beyond Adobe 4. I will not take on the monthly expense ($30 1st year and $50 thereafter) of new Adobe products until I have a financially good reason to upgrade. Sad thing is … I was ready to upgrade right now… and spend a bunch of money TO OWN not rent. So now… I will not upgrade until I continually receive files from clients I cannot open with Adobe CS4. ​ ​Man! I wish I had upgraded my own software but I hate working on the newest system at home and a lower version at work (darn employers).

    Anyways, my work can be just as excellent with the old software as the new. I think Adobe lost a good sale from me today.

  • Luke

    This is so useful. Especially for when you’ve just updated to the latest version of CC, it’s 4am and you’re trying to get out a massive project for a client and InDesign keeps crashing every minute or two. Thanks for posting this tip.