Ricoh Images Japan Reveals Ship Date for Pentax 645Z


When the medium-format Pentax 645Z was announced, we were given a price point of $8,500 and a release date of “June 2014.” Of course, there are 30 days in June, so if you’ve pre-ordered yours and you’d like a more specific date to anticipate, you’ll be happy to note that Ricoh Imaging Japan has provided one.

It seems the camera, according to the Japanese website, is set to ship on June 27th. Unfortunately, that’s pretty darn close to July, but the good news is you’ve still got plenty of time to get your pre-orders in if you haven’t already.

(via Photo Rumors)

  • Rob S

    A definite lottery prize purchase for me. Of course you have to win a second time to buy lenses….. :)

  • Marcus Manchester

    If I won the lottery, I’m sure I would take up landscape photography and go out and buy one of these, and then regret the size. I so want a medium format camera one of these days though!

  • james

    Lame duck sensor size. Why oh why spend that money for a crop factor camera, your wide angle lenses are seriously compromised. Wait a little for a real 645!